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Do poineering work, want to care about adversary of target and rather than
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Do poineering work, want to care about adversary of target and rather than

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Like a girl, afraid failure by others jest, afraid competitor is too fierce dare not take action, actually your target is the self-identity that obtains that girl hammer and tongs is not other

Wirewalking passes through the acrobat of gorge has a skill: When “ wirewalking, not be inflexible ground is not moved stiff, to poise, the body always sways gently and bend, but having a bit is changeless, toe moves toward a direction, another of the target —— steel wire that staring at towards the eye, be ongoing! ”

And when the horse of fine breed is running, always want the blind fold that be worn, such, his look can keep orthoptic, and the influence that does not suffer other horses and thing, can run ahead according to oneself runway only!

This is the law —— with the basiccest success dedicated target and rather than is other.

Ace goes out action, it is pour into energy certainly on the target body that at oneself place is about to take, on body of competitor of and rather than!

However too much enterprise and life however because violated this basic rule and fail!

So, you can say, didn't that study competitor and circumjacent environment? Want to study competitor, but be not controlled by competitor place, and the main goal —— that forgot sale gets consumer (client) self-identity!

Because too much person scruples others and not dare bold move: How can others think me? I in case failed how is others met jest I ah? These people, it is dedicated the target that is about to amount to truly at him and rather than of a third party!

You like a girl, you fail as a result of concern and by others jest, or afraid competitor is too fierce, and dare not take action, you are dedicated the awkwardness at failure, and the self-identity that obtains that girl what forgot you want to do hammer and tongs namely!

Actually, as long as you are dedicated the girl that admires in the heart at you, take no account of other hunter first how, also do not pay close attention to failure how can people look, so how is the result met? You tell that girl bravely: You love her, request her to marry you! So what kind of reaction can you get? That girl can have 3 kinds of responses: Agree clearly; Do not agree clearly; The manner is not Anacreontic —— both sides gets along look to be decided again! You have the successful probability of the half at least!

However, because scruple,too much enterprise is met competitor and hesitation; How can adversary strike back I? Am I the adversary of others? How to let us study competitor is done after all seriously? We also imitate the strategy of competitor! How do we compete with competitor after all? Result, be being pulled by competitor nose goes, and the demand of the client of substaintial —— cause that forgot sale!
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