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Do poineering work the industry that should choose oneself to be familiar with
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Do poineering work the industry that should choose oneself to be familiar with

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Many friends often can ask him: If I myself should work, which group course of study should I be engaged in? For a lot of people of small to having poineering ideal, not be devoid capital normally, lack a major however.

Discovery of careless root poineering net often has a contradiction. Those in big orgnaization the person that position gets on in doing, receive a person to secure, and have educational foundation normally, know money to roll the investment technique of money relatively, normally this kind of person has idle endowment relatively, its ability enough does poineering work. But all money still can't open this kind of person big company, and to a few business with a small capital, lack experience of get right on the job again normally, answer to begin from familiar industry so. Do poineering work, do poineering work

Another kind of friend, somewhat experience of business with a small capital, for example and so on of snack inn, fashionable dress inn. But this kind of person lacks capital normally, can not handle the problem on a lot of finance affairs certainly again. Say so, if have the person do poineering work of these two kinds of circumstances, might as well cooperate together. Generally speaking, have idle endowment and lack the person of poineering consciousness, more than having the professional skill, person that poineering idea does poineering work painstakingly however without capital, because latter can choose by small make, and former likelihood suffering does not have portal, cannot begin individual career forever. And if a person has professional skill, know a lock for example, should not leave on behalf of him sell locksmith, he may initiate inn of a fashionable dress to also be strange, want him to be able to make money really only, can develop but.

So, want to do poineering work to compare confident word again truly, must heal to some industry ripe had healed, do not work by imagination, strong interest, concept solely. If true aspire devotes into a career, might as well in about a year is done in this industry, understand feel course of study of ripe act reopen not late also. Although this compares beautiful time, but after always comparing practice, do not make money good. Because have a major,be of course on ideal it is familiar, consequently of bud housekeep read aloud. Choice, choose an industry

But those who want an attention is, not be each industry can do poineering work small, also not be industry of avery kind of the opportunity that just when do poineering work,has. If memory is medium,think to a career thinks to be able to offer development, should bold Fu Zhu is executed. And the measure that Fu Zhu executes is not instantly practice, do work of data collect and each preparation first however. If the preparative work of the person that do poineering work is done amply, confidence, strong strong nature is taller, had stridden poineering the first pace so.
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