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Do poineering work choosing accurate market breach again
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Do poineering work choosing accurate market breach again

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Two army stand facing each other, want to shatter the enemy's line of defence, must choose its to defend the ground of strength weakness serves as breach, just drive straight in likely, obtain greatly get the better of completely. The market is like battlefield, the enterprise should make his product is like in adversary forest the market occupies position, need avoid the enemy's main forces and strike the weak point likewise, anthology allow proper market breach.

In those days, japanese horological factory to infiltrate American horological market, undertook serious research to American market, they understand, the American of 31 % goes after watch of high grade name, and it is better that the consumer of 46 % likes function and the watch of price moderate, the client that still has 23 % is more sensitive to the price, not tall to the character requirement of the watch, it is cheap to hope however. And the product of the big company such as the Taimeikesi of American this locality basically satisfies market of the first kind of fractionize, market of additionally two kinds of fractionize however by oversight. Japanese horological business knows oneself not the high-grade watch of enemy peaceful Mei Kesi, then with respect to make choice of the breach that market of medium, cheap watch regards him as, rolled out good in quality and cheap in price product, take advantage of a weak point scored these two kinds of markets, obtained very large market share. Wait for Taimeikesi to wake up to reality come over, counterattack when market of medium, cheap watch, japanese already stand firm calcaneal, overall situation already was decided.

Of the market big, everybody cannot undertake the whole thing everything. See the market that is like saturation existing likewise many space, the key is the smell that business operator wants to have delicacy, can discover market demand and consumptive psychology at fine point; Want to often undertake investigation and study to the market next, to market know sth like the palm of one's hand, closing a door to sit in the home cannot find space; Want to have the ability of meet an emergency like lightning to the change of the market again, be being said like an operator: Market of “ race to control is precious in amazingly quick ” . Once business circles chooses the breach that allowed the market, forefathers one pace, roll out new product quickly occupational market, create new benefit for the enterprise.