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From informal investor over there financing
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From informal investor over there financing

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Without giving thought to from raise fund over there who, no matter you are,also be being returned with indebted form is in order to become a shareholderFinancingthe form raises fund, you should sign written financing agreement, let investor be benefited from body of the person that do poineering work. Come a few years, the agreement that informal investor uses is close to the agreement that company of venture capital investment uses more and more, advantageous to investor. Must be clear that when negotiating financing agreement what can be accepted so, what can be accepted. In poineering initial stage, investor of your negotiation ability be not a patch on, want right now more attention.

You should according to such principle: Forecast prospective circumstance adequately, discretion chooses the firstInvestmentPerson. To those limitation the company grows or attract the clause of more investor, must give refuse. When you fromAngelInvestmentOr over there kin friendFinancingWhen, with the first investor consultative financing clause is in probably the metropolis in rectifying round of financing process is used. Same, the clause that you promise in the first round of financing placed fundamental key for the following financing. Concessional and too much meeting lets you or your company is harmed.

It is the proposal that a few need notice below, can help you reach trade suitably:

Not to first-runInvestmentPerson offer allocate authority in proportion. If the first investor (or its lawyer) the requirement allocates authority in proportion (that is to say the droit that this investor is in company of reservation of the meeting in the investment process in the future) , so thisFinancingAll investor in the bout can ask these rights (otherwise most person won't ask such right) . Although turn over attenuant clause to be helpful for inchoate investor, but they go against the investor later. On one hand you should satisfy inchoate investor need, assure their interest in the company, on the other hand you consider even how to attract more investor, so you need to be in both between reach a kind of balance.

Avoid to make too much person excessive participate in. If you to letInvestmentPerson agree with investment and abandon a company controlling authority, mention above can become a very serious problem with wind behavior. If you are not careful, you can discover you are in the condition of as dry as a chip take time, to reach futureFinancingDecide or company management is decision-making, you need to sign with all partner affirm, because you gifted,all all these are the first investor these rights. Same, a few investor want to get Zhou Du, monthly and quarter report in detail. These requirements are agreeing below necessary circumstance. Cost too much time to use preparation and post report, and ask for and collect affirm sign, you cannot make full use of probably oneself time.
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