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How has been the person that do poineering work used, with sufficient poineering
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How has been the person that do poineering work used, with sufficient poineering policy

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Shanghai has 10 people to obtain practice loan of the government everyday, everyday what 50 people attend governmental subsidy do poineering work groom, the person that everyday 5 do poineering work is entered be stationed in a government to give aid to the …… of practice garden area of open does poineering work need disentombs opportunity, need formulate program, still need to use good policy, correct, reasonable apply poineering policy. In ” of career of practice of “ Oriental estrade in the 4th lecture, shanghai practice coachs Yang Yonghua of service center vice director was the person that do poineering work to introduce Shanghai's active poineering policy in detail.

Yang Yonghua summary thinks, the policy of of all kinds poineering respect is not little, main basis " medium and small businesses of People's Republic of China promotes a law " , " a certain number of opinions that the State Council supports the economy of blame state ownership such as individual privately owned to develop about encouraging " and " the State Council about strengthening obtain employment is mixed again the announcement that obtain employment works " etc. The person that do poineering work should have been used, with sufficient policy, comprehensive understanding policy is the first pace. Active poineering policy basically is in centrally the following 7 big board piece.

Each policy that the policy that financing serves includes to work to the division system such as service center of branch, small company is ordered and be operated, the practice loan that basically labor ensures a branch assures policy, small company assures fund is special credit of loan of loan, medium and small businesses assures, practice loan assures, poineering fund of undergraduate science and technology. Policy privilege basically involves poineering loan, assure reach pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange to wait.

The policy emphasis that field gives aid to has the policy of two respects: It is the policy of area of city industry garden, the 2 rent subsidy policy that are practice garden area. Area of two kinds of big garden has the rent subsidy policy that is aimed at garden enterprise severally. Among them, it is in practice garden area, besides rent subsidy, still guidance of a few relevant form a complete set serve, the channel that if offer acting charge to an account, expert,directive, loan applies for directly.
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