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The advantage that how relies on oneself does poineering work
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The advantage that how relies on oneself does poineering work

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Everybody has his advantage, from already flashy dot! If wait for others to discover your glitter is nodded, rely on others to come to opportunity of your obtain employment, then you also can work to others only all one's life.

Do oneself become a boss? Do not have capital, 2 did not manage ability, how to do?

Without giving thought to how, the person must have professional skill, common saying says get one ability of “ to draw near personally! ”“ ask for help is inferior to begging already ”

Have a bit result, draw up will share with everybody:

1, if you are good at writing, so write more write an article, even if cannot become a writer, but most at least can earn a bit author's remuneration in amateur, also can subsidize thin thin moneybag;

2, if you are good at designing, also can use him director so, also should follow ceaselessly of course not contemporaneous design style, this kind plan is searched on the network, will design money of plan translate into directly, this is the directest method, if you won't be on this kind project collaboration net contest mark, that also can try to be in clean out treasure to go up a shop is decorated kind small shop, make as a child, also be germinant, after all when you have time, these just are done, cost is 0, and won't affect the job. Because of a pattern plate you can revise copyright to sell much person;

3, if you are good at the knowledge of some industry, so the major that uses you, a business chance is searched in relevant industry, the opportunity searchs, not be other give, should notice to prevent here of course cheat, commercial news also is met profit of direct translate into;

4, if your job is very busy, so be in next coming home, also can try to do a few other issues, the thing that not certain have to is course of study of one's own profession ability is possible, resemble some can opening small shop of a few objective, need to throw a few capital only, what also can run is very good!