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The 11 tumble trap of the person that do poineering work
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The 11 tumble trap of the person that do poineering work

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I became person of a venture capital investment recently, often can encounter the mistake that a few person that do poineering work are doing poineering work to make constantly so. To avoid over and over iterate teachs, I think a these mistakes to do a summary here:

Trap one: A good idea can let you profiteer

The fact is good idea successful to commerce both neither is sufficient condition also not be requirement. Microsoft should be the model that obtains commercial success, but the " of " good idea that cannot find a complete original creation however on its whole hair family history. In fact Microsoft passes the idea that imitates adversary formally to adversary suffers a defeat in competing and develop step by step expand. Google has a few original creation really, resemble PageRank, ad-words, cheap machine group. But these neither one are thought out by Larry and Sergey. This is not to say Larry, Sergey and Bill are not quite clever, actually they want 3 times than anybody biting. But if you think they just hit upon an inspiration is caught one day,got rich, that can say you are idiotic nonsense only.

Trap 2: The thing does natural meeting somebody to use

The fact is really occasionally such. Google is a good example. But resembling such Google company is rare only, the product that more companies produce because such or in that way reason sells do not go out. Myself has such bitter experience. That is the first company that I founded 1993, the name calls FlowNet. It also is the name of facility of a kind of new communication of high speed local area network at the same time. The standard that the transmission speed of 10M is at that time, but FlowNet offers those who be as high as 500M to transmit speed. The FlowNet in 5 years later is the network equipment that has optimal sex price to compare all the time. It offerred a video that can assure picture quality built-inly to shed media to serve even. If FlowNet can be able to popular whole world, today's video sheds media to will be close friends more than present state.

But although FlowNet is on technical level,can defeat any competitor, it is in however trade sufferred massive failure. We also did not sell together repeatedly go out. The reason is very simple: It and standard of local area network are incompatible. If we do full course at that time, do some of market research, although not be deadly,we can know compatibility also will be a big question. In that way we won't oneself the dollar waste of tens of thousands of is on patent application and print production.

Trap 3: If you not patent application, others is met spirit away your idea

Can be opposite without the person in fact your idea has fun at, unless your idea is proved to be successful, but when be to stealing a scholar in those days late already. It is to say true somebody namely special to your idea self-identity, but natural meeting chooses to cooperate with you if he is clever, if not be, menace is less than you what he does.
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