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Quicken fund of illicit collect equity to develop Pudong to plan to realize fina
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Quicken fund of illicit collect equity to develop Pudong to plan to realize finance 4 big breakthroughs

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: On June 18, integrated form a complete set of the 2nd “ reforms Shanghai Pudong 3 years to plan ” to give furnace, reform of stimulative banking industry and development are without ground of be concerned about to be labelled the Chongzhongzhi that Pudong economy works is heavy. Because loading the main mission that builds platform of core of center of Shanghai international banking, this noun had surmounted ” of “ Pudong finance far simple area idea.
The target of Pudong is very specific: Will come in what see, it is a center with city of finance of land home mouth, each when let Pudong tiny finance is fluctuant will layer upon layer touch arrive from Shanghai long triangle, arrive from China of Asia and even global banking industry shake.

However, be faced with inside have area competition, there is the big setting of international situation test outside, pudong whether accelerate the position that realizes its finance vane, break through more economy and administrative system block up at the same time, does appropriate of cogent implementation “ invest the demonstrative area target of ” , “ appropriate living ” ? This became finance of China of all care Pudong, care and industrial development, care China integrated form a complete set reforms the topic that pilot personage pays close attention to.

Afterwards is rolled out head period the Tianjin seaside of ” of reform of integrated form a complete set of “ focusing China piece hind, the Shanghai Pudong that newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities rolls out this series solely again piece, the respect such as the target of city of finance of mouth of home of the area competition from financial innovation business, land spreads out development to unscramble. We discover, match ” with put together of other and burgeoning “ pilot and different, already entered the Pudong that reforms deep water area, the task that be faced with and challenge, good luck and competition, probably more.

No matter will look from which respect, shanghai Pudong is the ” of “ elder brother of take charge of a department alone of Chinese money market. Today, ” of this “ elder brother also is faced with unprecedented competition and challenge. Look in the expert of posture of deep know well, the heat topic before is: Building respect of base of fund of illicit collect equity, tianjin seaside already had the situation of ” of foretaste of “ go ahead of the rest; In respect of innovation of off shore money market, shenzhen has very strong market competition ability again.

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