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Beautiful high-tech company decreases considerably appear on the market turn sea
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Beautiful high-tech company decreases considerably appear on the market turn search support of illicit collect capital

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According to foreign media coverage, the near future, company of Silicon Valley high-tech makes public collect first (IPO) barren still is worsening further, make also make the high-tech company that depends on support of venture capital investment begin to be changed considerably together prepare type of those representing capital.

Data of consortium of American nation poineering investment shows, this year the 2nd quarter, the company that casts support without a wind appears on the market through IPO implementation, this is the United States less than appeared first 1978 this kind of circumstance. And be in first quarter, the new share that also has support of 5 venture capital investment only appears on the market, and the four seasons spent this one word 2007 or 31.

For the company that depends on support of venture capital investment to a lot of diminutive (at least from short-term in light of) , through appearing on the market stock of public put on sale raises fund is not a good choice. Accordingly, these poineering enterprises are forced to ensure through strengthening activity of illicit collect capital the company survives. Look from statistical data, they begin to change direction to intervening the burgeoning investment bank of supply a gap supports with getting capital actively, include Chicago among them firm of senior stock banking (AdvancedEquitiesFinancialCorp.ofChicago) , company of Bostonian revolution associate (RevolutionPartnersofBoston) and the GCASavvian group of san Francisco and Ban Denghuo accompany a company (BandonPartners)

The collective author of AdvancedEquities and Ba Dege of · of presiding apparitor Dwight Er (DwightBadger) feel very excited to current condition, the business that calls “ us never so feel well ” . AdvancedEquities company major servicing casts supportive enterprise to offer later period financing to depend on wind namely. According to associate of business of Ba Dege Er Keyes · Bensipeike (KeithDaubenspeck) divulge, accrual achieved this company last year 300 million dollar, and 2002 this one word still is 3 1 million dollars merely. .

AdvancedEquities threw a large number of capital to many private companies, the company of Allan science and technology that includes to produce radio frequency identifying to produce a mouth among them (AlienTechnologyCorp. ) . Company of Allan science and technology since go up after 90 time metaphase establishs the century, had gotten capital of 290 million dollar from different channel through illicit collect means. This company headquarters is set in the California, ever applied for to appear on the market 2006 for a time, but because consider investor may is opposite appraised price of this company stock is not high, abandoned application finally.
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