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Look forward to of Ning Bo civilian holds round pan in the arms to achieve cast
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Wu Yiming of standing vise general manager expresses Ning Bokai pood, the company invests the key etc of medicine of new-style agriculture, new energy resources, biology, environmental protection burgeoning industry, will participate in investment with equity form, offer an enterprise to develop needs capital and talent support, redound means undertakes share out bonus to press equity scale, after waiting for an enterprise to develop maturity, the company is exited with the means of equity sell one's own things.

Already 7 are achieved cast a company to put on record

It is Feng Huacheng established a home to achieve not just cast a company, in the Ci Xi that civilian battalion economy developeds, also established Ning Bo of —— of firm of first poineering investment recently limited company of gain profit poineering investment, this company by course of study of Oriental musical instrument, Sainaer electric equipment, power the enterprise of this locality of 7 Ci Xi such as Cheng Hua fine and 4 natural people are collective and contributive hold water, register capital 100 million yuan. We are searching “ to invest a project well. ” gain profit is achieved cast chief Ms. Han to tell a reporter, the company invests the key the industry with higher content of science and technology, contacting actively with a few enterprises at present.

As we have learned, since home of our city head did poineering work 2005 Ning Bo of investment firm —— east yuan after poineering investment firm holds water, more and more civilian battalion capital took a fancy to among them business chance, held water to do poineering work in succession investment company. The hair that occupy city changes appoint statistic, be in what this appoint puts on record to do poineering work at present investment firm has 7, always register capital to amount to 740 million yuan.

Will capital of more civilian battalion is swarmed into

“ poineering investment, it is to point to poineering enterprise to undertake equity invests, with period place investment poineering company growth matures or the investment means that obtains capital appreciation accrual basically is made over through equity after opposite maturity. ” city hair changes appoint concerned personage thinks, current, front of production ” of “ Ning Bo is facing management cost to rise, raw material rises in price wait for a lot of and adverse element, “ is thought of change seek to live on ” becomes the austere proposition that is placed before entrepreneur of most Ning Bo. Below this kind of setting, achieve profitably cast course of study to will attract look forward to of more another name for Ningbo to hold a group in the arms to join.

Last year the end of the year, the our city came on stage " the opinion that poineering investment develops stimulative Ning Bo " , in the light of achieve cast a company to publish series privilege policy, if achieve company of new technology of the Xiaogao in casting company invest in to did not appear on the market 2 years above, can apply for investment to touch buckle should specified amount of pay taxes income, highest can press investment 70% touch those who buckle this poineering investment company to answer specified amount of pay taxes income.
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