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Limited partnership PE drives investment of illicit collect equity to shuffle wi
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Depend on afore-mentioned advantages just about, limited partnership PE develops mostly rapid. For example the group that Hui Dajiu vessel has developed near 30 people from 3 original partner. And the development of PE of first limited partnership of domestic is assuming also color, the reporter grows from Shenzhen city Nanhai poineering investment is limited partnership business understands, at present this fund also is holding water in Shenzhen collect 2 period fund; Other a few establish prior limited partnership PE also is in brew new emission collect plan.

Will become form of industry main trend

Notable is, although still not be the mainstream force of market of investment of illicit collect equity at present, but limited partnership makes PE pounding the market with rapid investment strategy.

Except Shenzhen, at present and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao also has limited partnership to make PE appear ceaselessly, among them the center of inhabit a region that Beijing also is becoming limited partnership PE. The expert inside course of study introduces, limited partnership makes PE is in the developed country very mature PE fund organizes a form, be in the United States, the PE orgnaization of 80% uses limited partnership mode. But at present PE fund majority of home manages a form to be dominant with the company, the big PE orgnaization that holds competitive dominant position especially is more such.

Appear before long limited partnership PE has given already some markets brought strong impact. Sea of Liu Jun of researcher of place of law of courtyard of Chinese company division thinks, main reason is limited partnership made PE develop run a characteristic neatly.

Liu Jun sea thinks, limited partnership encourages wealthy person to serve as limited partner, able person regards general partnership as ginseng and battalion of already of look forward to, better land combines organic ground of ” of wealthy person of ” of “ able person and “ rise, be helpful for the risk is reduced on the oldest rate, enlarge financing dimensions and strengthen incentive tie, a kind of when become orgnaization of venture capital investment thereby new-style enterprise organizes a form.

Will tell as investor, limited partnership makes PE have agile administrative mechanism not only, still have the advantage of low tax rate, although at present home still is put in uncertain policy to levy of limited partnership PE, but the settlement of this one problem has begun to take shape gradually.

The personage inside course of study is forecasted, because limited partner is OK individual income tax plan duty, have clear advantage to making tax rate at the company, can foreknow, once tax rate issue is specific, limited partnership makes PE be sure to be greeted new height of round of development.

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