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Limited partnership PE drives investment of illicit collect equity to shuffle wi
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In capital collect respect, limited partnership is made all also show an advantage. Hui Dajiu vessel carries out president Cai Lei to introduce, actually the fund below the banner has succeeded to now from last year collect 4 period, among them before 3 period it is copartner investment fund. At present dimensions of company management financing has exceeded 1 billion yuan. And of this fund the 4th period fund is with Chengdu industry investment group limited company signed cooperative agreement, initiate jointly establish head period dimensions invests fund for 300 million yuan of equity, this is fund of a governmental guiding actually, license plate value lets covet of the personage inside course of study unceasingly.

Limited partnership is made aid push competition ability

On capital market market, burgeoning limited partnership made PE show ability of frequent for emergency use. The development speed of Hui Dajiu vessel is not alone phenomenon. As we have learned, in the half an year after growing first phase of Nanhai of PE——— of first limited partnership of domestic held water last year in June, had invested 12 to plan to appear on the market company, the investment that finish 230 million yuan, among them already the enterprise can be declared to card inspect appear on the market material.

Although dimensions is different,other and limited partnership makes PE, but radical style of work is similar. After limited partnership makes PE hold water, show gave apparent aggression sex. Zhao weighs vice-president of Hui Dajiu vessel loyally, fast investment is not adventure radical, however the result of efficient operation, although this company just held water in July 2007, but the investment career that the core member of the group thinks them already a long time, in the project flow of reserve, operation, group built a respect to do sufficient preparation.

Limited partnership system removed main effect in dilate. Zhao Zhongyi thinks limited partnership is made is PE orgnaization the properest constituent framework form. He is analysed, use capital of collect of limited partnership mode, clever arranged limited partner (fund is contributive person) , common copartner (administrative person) with mandatory person (commercial bank) the right obligation between concerns, controlled a risk already, assured the safety of limited partner capital, assured the efficiency of fund operation and flexibility again, found the equilibrium point of both.

Our every brushstroke invests “ , need the signature of all copartner. ” Zhao Zhongyi says. This means the investor ability that is major not only to participate in investment, contributive person also has clear monitoring authority to investment, capital is mandatory the bank also is to be in capital of v of the ability after all investor sign.

This kind of design made PE raise the competition ability of two respects to limited partnership at least: It is the authority of know the inside story that assured investor greatly, the investment that brought investor into play is enthusiastic; 2 it is investment management mechanism specialization in what make sure information still can make sure fund of general illicit collect is run on transparent foundation and change neatly.
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