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Limited partnership PE drives investment of illicit collect equity to shuffle wi
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Limited partnership PE drives investment of illicit collect equity to shuffle will flow into travel owner

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Although start later, but limited partnership makes PE however the force with which sth breaks out is roaring, become the powerful motive force that shuffles to drive equity of domestic illicit collect to invest the market quickly already.
Frequency of a dark horse of limited partnership PE goes out

500 million yuan! Center of investment of Beijing Hui Dajiu vessel was his a few days ago fund of investment of equity of collect of the 3rd period illicit is relaxed collect endowment, this also is newest a when hold water limited partnership makes PE fund. Product of conduct financial transactions of gather of business of flat, certificate is issued in fair collect fund encounter cold circumstance, the emission of fund of investment of illicit collect equity heat as before.

Since this year, limited partnership made PE fund become an a dark horse on capital market with the offensive of swift and fierce: Early or late the country arranges international of investment fund, red stone to do poineering work the much home such as investment center holds water or collect endowment, benefit amounts to equity of collect of 9 vessels illicit to invest fund is these limited partnership one of companies with the rapiddest development in making an enterprise.

In home, limited partnership PE is a kind of when limited partnership makes an enterprise new form. Began on June 1, 2007, after editing " law of enterprises of partnership of People's Republic of China " just approbated limited partnership business to organize a form this kind. Equity of collect of after this illicit invests an orgnaization to begin to try limited partnership to make ceaselessly.

Notable is, although,limited partnership PE starts late but all show attitude of a dark horse. With Hui Dajiu the vessel is exemple, this fund was registered by 3 copartner last year in July hold water, but the investment that had finished pair of 7 home companies in the time that does not arrive one year, include enterprise of bibcock of much home industry among them, if the biggest electron jumper produces China,business Guangdong is gotten inferior the 2nd big titanium white of electronic science and technology, China is chemistry of couplet of benefit of hundred of Henan of powdery production business, mid the Hunan of Hunan of business of wire cable production with the largest area can be electrical engineering etc. More those who make the personage inside course of study amazed is, the project that at present this company invests has had to be able to send careful to card inspect appoint “ crosses meeting ” . Huang Xiaojie of the Da Jiuding that occupy benefit's president introduces, “ this project was thrown in November last year, striving for appeared on the market this year in September ” .
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