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Bead trigonometry is achieved cast spring tide to will come be badly in need of
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Additional, china labour Cui Yi of director of research center of venture capital investment tells our newspaper the reporter, from macroscopical in light of, include bead trigonometry inside achieve cast financing system, existing the contradiction of bull management.

Song Ge also expresses, because home market development compares evening, the fund management that goes up to the market about the branch is not quite perfect, this undertakes comprehensive management with respect to the capital that swarms into to abroad hard, and capital flow of home also lacks order. This affects local enterprise to achieve the normative sex that casts financing directly.

Application of Guangzhou city Gong Peng helicopter serves Xu Peng of limited company general manager to tell our newspaper the reporter, do poineering work it is good to cast financing to develop, right bead trigonometry industry transition also will have very big drive action.

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