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Bead trigonometry is achieved cast spring tide to will come be badly in need of
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Bead trigonometry is achieved cast spring tide to will come be badly in need of solving bull management contradiction

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Preschool education animation is moved free, network game kind, network data is added mix closely children clothing kind the investment when 12 when wait for a project to be involved enterprises that have financing intent obtained clear in succession, restful cast continuously, Da Chen is achieved endowment the favour that waits for orgnaization of venture capital investment and angel investor.
In first “ that held at Guangzhou on June 18 Chinese bead triangle is achieved cast financing forum ” , bead trigonometry is achieved cast course of study to introduce to a climax.

And in not long ago, the forum of “2008 China venture capital investment that Song Hai of vice-governor of Guangdong province government holds in Shenzhen expresses on ” , guangdong various government takes the development of venture capital investment seriously very. Guangdong is the whole nation undertakes venture capital investment the earliest experiment, right the province that builds mechanism of venture capital investment to undertake bold exploration, also be development of domestic venture capital investment is mixed most quickly one of most active areas.

In fact, guangdong province is already preliminary formed sponsor with the government reach the orgnaization is joint for main body, it is complement with orgnaization of the venture capital investment outside the condition, with civilian battalion orgnaization of venture capital investment is fresh troops, financing of new and high technology assures company and investment adviser firm serve for intermediary form a complete set, with Shenzhen advocate board, medium and small businesses board reach technical property right to trade the center is system of intermediary venture capital investment.

Even if is such, cast financing to develop a level to doing poineering work at growing trigonometry for, bead trigonometry does not have an advantage. Triangle of Yi Duizhu of public figure of many scholar attending the meeting, industry achieves the development that casts financing to show Lv of shape heart impeach.

6 Xigema management seek advice from service orgnaization (SBTI-china) carry out advisory Song Ge to tell a reporter, the biggest question manages in the interior of enterprise of Yu Zhu triangle. “ manages a structure as a result of enterprise interior insufficient systematization and normalization, existence wastes the circumstance of resource in great quantities, this brings about the investment that casts those representing capital directly action is more prudent. ”

Lou Haiguang of vice director of office of modern management association is opposite Guangzhou city our newspaper reporter expresses, the enterprise of Hua Na area compares inferior attune commonly, and do poineering work cast financing to need strict finance affairs forms for reporting statistics and announce enterprise other information, also form the enterprise to Hua Na area the challenge.
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