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Each achieve investment gold linkage to aid push new economy orgnaization high-k
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Provide global investment experience not less achieve cast company tall valve to often still mention word of new ” of a “ . “ does poineering work board those who emphasize is ‘ new ’ , technology commercial pattern is new, new, and these can bring huge profit for the enterprise again, such enterprise just is alleged qualification, appear on the market admirably resource. ”An investor says, instantly still is put in a batch of blind pursuit to do poineering work board the enterprise that appear on the market. They have a plenty of itself to belong to traditional industry, the technology still is “ is big and cumbersome ” ; Some is oneself condition can have arrived in platelet appears on the market, compare to obtain advocate board medium perhaps the city with platelet high market is filled with rate, and convert do poineering work board.   

According to divulging, have at present be close to 300 enterprises to be landed in preparation queueing up do poineering work board, dan Mou some tall canal still thinks: Even if have 300 enterprises queueing up, do poineering work board if be rolled out finally, at least should chop a half, not be everybody can be gotten on by the coronal after all “ is new and high of the honor of enterprise ” .

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