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Each achieve investment gold linkage to aid push new economy orgnaization high-k
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It is reported, in recent years Su Zhe takes entrepreneur in succession contributive establish fund to undertake equity invests, at present estimation of this share capital has 400 billion yuan about. Of this share capital contributive person it is commerce one's previous experience mostly, their advantage is the experience that has company operation, have original company to invest a perspective.   

The firm of native land poineering investment that gives priority to with RMB fund is greeting the good chance of development. Besides the grows place to bring quickly steadily investment opportunity of Chinese economy, in policy layer, achieve the message of “ benefit good ” that casts a company to also come on stage ceaselessly to mainland. At the same time the expert also thinks, the development of civilian battalion fund is overwhelm, the system of domestic security market is perfected stage by stage and the abidance of domestic economy develops will be development of firm of native land poineering investment to offer two-tier motive force.   

The orgnaization is high-key prepare for war do poineering work board  

The Shenzhen that is about to roll out does poineering work board the market exits those who be company of native land venture capital investment offer efficient capital market way. “ is rolled out this year do poineering work board without the problem, it is to be after the Olympic Games likely very. Wu Yonghe of director of center of Shanghai of ” Shenzhen stock exchange does poineering work in “2008 Zhang Jiang investment peak can express on ” .   

Wu Yonghe points out, in two years of in the past, shanghai medium and small businesses was missed once in a blue moon opportunity. Came 2006 between 2007, market of the platelet in nearly 200 enterprises are landed, among them, shenzhen enterprise amounts to more than 30, have the form of Shanghai enterprise rarely however. According to introducing, shenzhen has many 2000 medium and small businesses to be in at present to do poineering work board appear on the market prepare, shanghai enterprise prepares morely to appear on the market, of ourselves of and rather than do poineering work board.   

Nevertheless, the tall valve of an investment firm that attend the meeting has different point of view to this. He tells a reporter, shanghai medium and small businesses appears on the market outside choice condition, the mainest reason is them it is easier to think to appear on the market outside the condition, the city that the market gives is filled with rate also relatively churchyard is taller, and churchyard appears on the market opposite for more difficult. But the rising market outside the condition is handed in recently cast delicate, city to be filled with rate is lower and lower also, enterprise of a lot of Shanghai begins “ to cease to be faithful ” choice appears on the market in churchyard.   

In this poineering investment peak is met on, the performance of medium and small businesses of Shanghai this locality is more more positive than appearing before. The reporter understands, high-tech garden area centered Zhang Jiang the high-tech medium and small businesses of Shanghai majority, and the enterprise majority of this garden area is to be in it is mature to just tend gradually in last few years, on the opportunity as it happens was caught up with do poineering work board roll out. An investment public figure discloses to the reporter, at present a lot of investor had been in to Zhang Jiang the enterprise inside high-tech garden area undertakes survey, preparative sieve singles out a batch of preeminent companies, after undertaking training effectively, push its to do poineering work board or in platelet, shanghai medium and small businesses will pick up opportunity for combat again.   
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