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Each achieve investment gold linkage to aid push new economy orgnaization high-k
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Regard civilian capital as the delegate, investor Qu Junhui expresses: “ and foreign capital achieve congenial compose and home famous the investment concept that achieves congenial compose is different, I may be the sort of individual that pats a head to decide to cast money, a lot of orgnaizations cast money to basically see poineering group, but very much now group the first time do poineering work, overmuch ground pays attention to the experience of the group, setting, this is apparent not actual. So, I may be 5 million minutes 10 500 thousand, invest my individual to think potential project. ”  

Mainland is achieved cast   of VC of challenge foreign capital

Mainland is achieved foreign capital is faced with to achieve the forceful challenge that cast and extruding before casting eye, capital of Chinese poineering investment is medium 2007 60% all come from foreign capital. Many personage inside course of study expresses on the meeting, with foreign capital PE (illicit collect equity invests) photograph comparing, native land PE is mixed in dimensions actual strength, professional experience the respect such as financial tool is in prominent inferior position, in the meantime, domestic credit environment and investor preference go against development of native land PE.   

Male dragon achieves cast copartner to check stand say: “ foreign capital is achieved cast the hype that has abundant financing, normative maturity, substantial industry natural resources, in in terminal go up with the project with capital big dimensions, they can maintain an advantage all the time. Compare to it, at present mainland achieves the development that cast to just just start, the study that needs period of time accordingly period, the likelihood hands in brushstroke tuition even. But civilian battalion entrepreneur people learn ability dispute Chang Jiang, I do not believe to go out 35 years, the world can belong to them. ”  

Senior achieve cast a personage to also achieve the vivosphere that cast to express to mainland hopeful: Mainland is achieved cast come from native land businessman mostly, have natural resources of more extensive person arteries and veins to the mining of the project, the judgement to the project more acumen, have some of outstanding project, because the partner of the enterprise is structure, financial,problem and the project such as the method manage layer solid rational to read aloud a problem to bring about the difficulty that communicate, foreign capital orgnaization cannot be entered, and mainland is achieved cast have communicate the advantage with accredit, facilitate more easily investment agreement.   

The reporter notices, can go up in this peak, the Zhejiang person of commercial smell acumen is in after acclaiming building city, stock market one round, cast eye again to assemble is numerous the Zhang Jiang of high-tech enterprise. Business of short for Zhejiang Province achieves cast vice-president Hua Yeyu to introduce: Business of “ short for Zhejiang Province is achieved cast held water last year in November. Our initiator has 12 partner, having a few managers only among them is estate one's previous experience, other basically be manufacturing industry. Enterprise of such as spin, profit is very high before, but the RMB appreciates now, do so that thanks to morer more. Resemble such capital, there is a lot of in Zhejiang, everybody in the hand little millions of, a few much 100 million. Then everybody is thinking investment direction, the answer is to cast tall like Zhang Jiang division such area. ” is undoubted, look in Zhejiang entrepreneur, zhang Jiang tall division has Zhejiang rare the new and high enterprise that be short of, and Zhejiang entrepreneur has capital, but it is very difficult that transition becomes new and high enterprise, best means is the means transition that passes capital, do capitalist.   
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