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Each achieve investment gold linkage to aid push new economy orgnaization high-k
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Each achieve investment gold linkage to aid push new economy orgnaization high-key prepare for war do poineering work board

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: 2008, change as a series of systems, national endowment, foreign capital, civilian endowment aimed at poineering investment field in succession, achieve the incline to that casts market main body to show a diversity more and more.   
In the meantime, more investment orgnaizations realize, in the spring tide of new economy, doing poineering work board below the setting that is about to roll out, must build what suit with innovation economy photograph to cast financing system as soon as possible; Each garden areas, medium and small businesses must walk out of the vexed ——— in growing as soon as possible these are multivariate achieve those who cast new economy of “ engraft ” to wait for solution difficult problem. In the “2008 Zhang Jiang that held a few days ago poineering investment peak is met on ” , national endowment, foreign capital, civilian those representing capital is established temporarily case 3 achieve greatly cast phalanx, undertook ” of storm of brains of a “ with respect to these heat problems.   

Diversity is achieved cast   of hopeful meet an emergency

The personage inside course of study expresses, since with achieve cast 10 relevant files to come on stage, still do not have enterprise of a China to suffer approval up to now, reasonable and legal ground arrives abroad appear on the market financing. So date and 10 the 105th files of the country come on stage, be opposite after all the influence of poineering capital market is a much cry and little wool, be still a thunder from the clear sky? National endowment, foreign capital, civilian those representing capital has idea each, but a bit can affirm, these two files increased Chinese enterprise greatly abroad the complex degree that appear on the market. At this point topic, tripartite invested phalanx to spread out one time to discuss, but ending however not give tit for tat, the home that every one party did not come to to be being mixed now is achieved cast the market reveal hopeful state of mind.   

Day of Jiang Hao of senior vice president expresses fund of poineering investment of foreign capital square delegate, aurora borealis above all, of relevant file come on stage to be in to foreign capital investment movement of home is particular influential existence. “ but come up from essence say to do not have too big impact. Because invest financing,be market action. Because the more of the market is normative, of home achieve agree VC (venture capital investment) course of study had new change, then inside endowment with not be between foreign capital so alone is isolated, financing of a lot of industries has already inside endowment have foreign capital again, more diversity and harmonious. To financing person for, won't because be foreign capital, civilian endowment the property that still is national endowment and refuse. ” male dragon is achieved cast copartner to check stand to express self-identity to this, his citing says, the Internet industry that our country develops flourishingly relies on major foreign capital to prop up namely those who rise.     
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