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Venture capital investment drives fractionize market dimensions to change
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10 thousand those who learn education to basically be engaged in is to take an examination of grind groom, grind in Beijing take an examination ofing groom the market has had very preponderance. Chinese larch capital and associate investment is noted to its together endowment later, the 10 thousand dilate that learned to begin the whole nation, means is to be bought. Its president Zhang Rui expresses, grind in countrywide take an examination ofing groom on the market, of every area take an examination of technically grind groom the orgnaization adds up have 890 in all, and 10 thousand learn education will be singled out a few times best among them come, prepare and buy come over.
Much flank digs the opportunity of fractionize market
Record of formal schooling teachs all through the ages to be thought not to have entered opportunity absolutely, dan Congming's enterprise from many flank proceed with, cut this market successfully however, for instance the electron teachs private school of complementary product, high end and network education. Premise is, want you to have the courage to think only.
The executive trustee Ceng Guangyu of fund of investment of Asia of bully water chestnut studies education grooms what the industry has had 7 years is long, look in him, the fractionize market of this industry is very much, want to find good fixed position only, can make dimensions in fractionize market.
The viewpoint thinks, teaching a domain, children education and adult education are the chance is more, and the limitation of education of record of formal schooling as a result of national policy, have the opportunity that what can enter hardly. And Ceng Guangyu thinks, be not such: “ is state-owned 9 years of compulsory education, will tell to elementary school, capital is not entered for certain, teaching material also is cannot of sortie, but in the light of the education of middle and primary school auxiliary content and educational software have a lot of opportunities however. ” from the product for, with the exam glazed auxiliary content has buy demand formidably, noah boat is dedicated teach complementary content and software at middle and primary school, and the electron teachs complementary the product just is able to do big. Last year, noah boat appeared on the market to explain the opportunity inside this domain is in just about in the United States.
Additional, ceng Guangyu still notices, venture capital investment is paying close attention to a kind of such schools that are born in the light of middle and primary school at present: Their course is to press foreign course to design completely, collect fees very tall, the tuition of a semester achieves 89 dollars. This kind of school is aimed at high-end parent technically, the purpose that lets child enter a school is to go abroad in the future study abroad. This kind of school although source of student is finite, the market does not calculate big, but profit is very high. Accordingly, also can get the attention of capital.
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