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Venture capital investment drives fractionize market dimensions to change
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Venture capital investment drives fractionize market dimensions to change

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Appear on the market in new York stock exchange from new east oneself, the attention that venture capital investment teachs Yo industry to China is spent all-time and rising. Shed good industry as a cash, of venture capital investment intervene, accelerated the conformity of the industry, also push the star in domain of a few fractionize forward stage. Although teach fractionize domain differ in thousands ways, but the choice tendency that analyses venture capital investment, with respect to the general preference that can see venture capital investment apparently.
Venture capital investment drives industry conformity
Below the force of capital, the strongest brand in the market is risen by education, and this brand also is extended in each district and buy antenna. Shuffle result nature is pair of fractionize markets, former those interest are not strong groom orgnaization, fall in strong competition often source of student is less and less, be fallen into disuse finally to go out bureau.
The data of freely join forces shows, 2007, educational industry shared 9 enterprises to obtain the investment of 122 million dollar. Analytic venture capital investment most the education that divides up first grooms the setting of the orgnaization can discover, these enterprises passed development of a few years, had certain brand foundation. For instance, round-the-world elegant think of, giant education, learn big education, learn and think of the brand that waited to had formed oneself in industry.
Round-the-world the world teachs Zhang Yongqi of president of group of science and technology to think, educational orgnaization competition is more intense, the student admires a teacher to be able to attend class a few years ago, then a teacher can drive the development of a school. But will look at present, the student pays attention to educational brand and credit more. And the intervening aggrandizement of venture capital investment the consequence of the brand, the aggrandizement that teachs orgnaization system to at the same time also removed decisive action. Zhang Yongqi says, after the capital that takes venture capital investment, he went up to be sure to all employee instantly, bought housing accumulation fund. Additional, want formerly to measure good division financial strength conformity to come in, rely on completely to dig the foundation of others, and capital infuse, formed group get together effect, make a lot of excellent teacherses search actively come. To any educational orgnaization is told, the infuse of venture capital investment can make this enterprise produces powerful appeal, this kind is attracted with respect to meeting general socially advantage resource conformity comes over.
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