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Chinese business is overseas IPO suffers outside predicament and buy encounter s
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And for the enterprise that appears on the market to those urgent need, time place appears already so not important, they or need capital, or want to borrow appear on the market win be informed a name to spend and tarry talent, did not stop appear on the market footstep. The industry such as international of Pacific Ocean insurance, luxuriant course of study expresses in succession, be about to be in stage a come back of the 2nd quarter. A few pairs prepare the company with market capital bigger requirement to had begun to seek his road additionally even, turn and cast to illicit collect fund. Liu Tianwen expresses, his newest plan makes financing first before appear on the market namely, in order to increase capital actual strength.

In addition, next more Chinese company chances may appear in IPO besides. Because churchyard capital market is at present active, domestic liquidity is excess, if the company can undertake strategical capital adequately run in domestic capital market, go abroad undertakes and be being bought, in Magendatong president Gong Fang Xiong looks, this meeting is a “ hundred years what do not encounter is strategical opportunity ” .

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