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Chinese business is overseas IPO suffers outside predicament and buy encounter s
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In fact, be thought by the analytic personage with hopeful part for a time repeatedly won't by second borrow the crisis to affect field of very big A stock market to also fail escape by sheer luck. In April, galactic negotiable securities is located in Beijing to mound in the postal service hall of the road, will newly trade the person of account is fragmentary and visible. See be used to the staff member that discharges a group suddenly at a draught a lot of more relaxed: Present person compares “ before New Year much less. A staff member says ” , for patulous business, the company has sent client manager to enter be stationed in drawing near industrial and commercial bank to undertake popularizing sales promotion activity, open freely to come round to deal with the bank client of business to offer trade account. Even if is such, the person that comes round to open an account remains there is few visitors, be widely divergent with the picture before a few months. From the beginning of the year so far, chinese A IPO project has 19 only, although collect money amount and the corresponding period kept balance last year, but because,basically be big blue the financing forehead be caused by that prepares Chinese iron to build “A H” to be as high as 5.5 billion dollar.

Good luck: Is this best times? Is this worst times?

In fact, before fatigued and weak market, be not have pessimism only. Soft connecting dynamic CEO Liu Tianwen is an optimist, company of the package outside this software that its guide plans to hand in place to appear on the market in button formerly, although will appear on the market probably now next year of time remit to, but Liu Tianwen is confident to future however, actually company business does not have “ be affected, but deviate appeared however on vendibility, no matter what industry got affect ” badly. He is right " round-the-world entrepreneur " say. Soft connect motivation to held water 2001, obtained last year come from Fu Daji gold, always power the financing that the wind such as investment casts 45 million dollar.

Casting the tall canal of travel people look, even if is to be under so harsh environment, IT, but second birth the sources of energy and the manufacturing industry that consume kind of product still can compare other industry “ a little better ” . As a result of,this is these industries or the driving defray of business of home of China of benefit from benefit from and consumer, perhaps do not have overmuch export business already, the influence that is risen in price not easily also by raw material. Be these enterprises supported China the amount of IPO still is maintaining ascendant trend first quarter, grew 46% .

Actually, banker people did not put delay because of the market and become at leisure rises. At the beginning of April, after the presiding and financial officers that saw several China enterprise, the enthusiasm of the enterprise and make heart volition bank round-the-world eagerly constant Keyes has vice president of stock service department quite some of accident. “ still has a lot of enterprises to want to go to abroad appearing on the market, but the circumstance because of the United States is not stable, so two quarters can compare the head slow. He is opposite ” " round-the-world entrepreneur " say. Be in after all as before the put on sale in queasy market environment is new how many meeting lets a person feel disturbed, “ market really not quite advantageous, went up result also may not good ” .
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