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Chinese business is overseas IPO suffers outside predicament and buy encounter s
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Since 2008, was used to every quarter to be able to see the Hong Kong shareholders of manuals of many raise capital by floating shares feel some are peculiar suddenly, give birth to check the number of odd-numbered days of exponential throughout history to constant besides experience the biggest go up drop outside extent, come 9 years, they did not see in January first new hang out one's shingle trade, and on traditional sense, the first month of New Year is new a busy season that appear on the market. Not only such, be in next 3 the middle of a month, h the expressional neither of 6 enterprises that appear on the market is ideal, created except sun the sources of energy of 0.3% litre, iron is built in without litre drop besides, promote flourishing of flourishing of the course of study that send aluminium, China, grand China group, new medium all drops defeated issue valence. Among them, grand China the group appears on the market since be less than a month, accumulative total drops had exceeded 1/3.

Cast the industry such as the postal, railroad that values to the utmost all right and real estate for each last year already no longer glisten, more projects are being sufferred be laid aside, delay, the destiny that fails even, among them most hard be afraid industry of real-estate wanting number. Suffer credit constrictive the influence with macroscopical adjusting control, investor is opposite generally stay at a respectful distance from sb of this kind of enterprise. The prosperous real estate that prepares to appeared on the market on January 31 originally must announce to cancel IPO, and the constant big real estate that subsequently the intent goes against city to issue is during raise capital by floating shares, do not have even manager of a fund patronage unexpectedly, this also makes what the plan such as dragon lake real estate, circumference real estate appears on the market in harbor this year other landed enterprise has quite some shudder. Before this, have 50 in all inside much home endowment landed enterprise is drafted go to harbor to appear on the market plan, many 20 are given give in city to apply for, and now, a lot of projects in casting a hand all are in suspensive condition, in fact, not quite nervous to catenary of a few capital, and the land agent that has other financing channel, bear sell business to also do not advocate its appear on the market forcibly in this one period.

Divide this and outside, those stem from all sorts of reasons to hold to the project that appears on the market according to original plan, collect money dimensions also is in considerably shrink. In the United States Na Sida overcame the Chinese enterprise that the market appears on the market in the past, normally price limits is in 12-14 dollar, but a lot of companies since recently fell the price 10 money are the following, with period can hang out his shingle smoothly. Without doubt, in connection increasingly tight whole world money market, where had done not have almost can escape by sheer luck. The data of Dealogic shows, abandon IPO raising fund first quarter the company measure of the plan achieves 90, from the top level since network bubble is undone, 78 when the four seasons spent prep above last year, and 2001 first quarter, be laid aside appear on the market trade it is 93. Large IPO item is more so little that large IPO item have pity on, only Visa of credit card group IPO raises fund the half above that the forehead occupied global amount, exceed the project of dimensions of 1 billion dollar, till now the whole world also has 20 only many.
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