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Chinese business is overseas IPO suffers outside predicament and buy encounter s
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Chinese business is overseas IPO suffers outside predicament and buy encounter strategic good chance

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Mere before a few months, swiss bank still is in busy check the achievement of plentiful and substantial 2007: This expression is cast best finished enterprise of 18 odd China in this year all right abroad IPO project, there is no lack of among them of above of several 1 billion dollar with great quantity. And nowadays, the tall canal of Swiss bank people must trouble for the business before however: Because the market is fatigued and weak, the insurance company of Chinese Pacific Ocean that original plan appears on the market at was in Hong Kong in March must be deferred appear on the market, regard China as the 3rd big insurance company, too protect plan financing 2 billion to 2.5 billion dollar.

Loss be not a silver having luck oddly greatly, be in expression in borrowing the crisis can encircle what can nod to cast a Gao Cheng most as much Sha feather and return, its Tong Ruixin, beautiful Lin Gong is the same as bear big landed project plans sold constant formerly collect is highest 16.6 billion HK dollar, but react finally because of investor chill and must lay aside appear on the market plan, its the business that another picket suffers the outside to pay close attention to fully, project of international of luxuriant course of study also will appear on the market date from January remit to May, will issue dimensions the 905 million dollar from before is cut to at most 500 million.

Really, opposite at with each invested a bank greatly last year so busy that cannot leave hand in, the grand occasion photograph of circle of earn basin full earthen bowl is compared, a bureau this year can use “ only unusually gloomy ” comes negotiable securities of the letter in describing —— to be mixed besides Hua Qi, Maigeli by in sheet behaves Tie Jianyi outside highlighting, other before casting the IPO business of travel to all be inferior to greatly. Project of “ quite a few was deferred, now is a calamity, issue new not easy. ” an international is famous cast the tall canal of travel to be opposite " round-the-world entrepreneur " plaint.

Everything is by no means accident, accompanying the shadow of financial crisis, investor confidence is dropping time and again wear a nadir, according to research organization soup the data of Mu dark finance, the whole world already had 61 IPO to be laid aside since this year, the market prise that be laid aside amounts to 21.4 billion dollar, it is new almost double what issue total value. Even if is begin hot on market of the United States, Hong Kong “ China concept namely from 2006 ” escapes hard also adversity, the personage inside most course of study thinks, the arrogant person outstanding achievement that 94 China company landed abroad capital market successfully last year is very difficult this year emersion. Nevertheless, many banker still place the hope at Chinese company, in going a few years after all, domestic economy in successive years grows spill over effect still makes industry vitality dye-in-the-wood, appearing on the market was time problem only it seems that.
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