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Profit pattern waits for the Cheng Yi that dig a net to take net foreground to e
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Wang Fang expresses: It is OK that “ restricts B2C mode to break through the of all kinds problem that develops bottleneck summary is two kinds big: One kind is the problem that will supply catenary oneself; Another kind comes from the problem at Internet operation. The problem that supplies catenary basically is reflected deserve to send in content shedding, storage, in-house informatization, pay settle accounts to wait a moment, latter basically is reflected the respect waits in website user experience, management concept and innovation consciousness. Because at present B2C website often lacks a tradition,the germ of the first problem is retail the administrative experience that supplies catenary, go up in cost and risk control ability is weaker, and the 2nd problem is come from take degree seriously at reaching an user to oneself fixed position insufficient. ”

Yamaxun from hold water to realized gain to be spent full 10 years time, the network of relative to character China shops development condition is relatively backward, because this Ai Rui seeks advice,predict similar B2C to shop the time that website implementation gain will need 10 years to control, and advocate battalion product profit margin rate of taller, competition is not quite intense the time that shopping website needs the B2C that waits for burgeoning domain is shorter, in 5 years the left and right sides will realize gain likely.

From this, although the basis is judged hopefully, ” of “ dress net should realize real gain to need time 5 years at least, the net is filled whether enough patience and capital still remain time trial.

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