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Profit pattern waits for the Cheng Yi that dig a net to take net foreground to e
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The net fills income and net profit number do not match let people begin to suspect its gain ability, whether is the pace that the net gain of 0.71% grows to also let people oppugn Sun Deliang stridden too smally.

Liu Xiaodong of analyst of limited company of adviser of day photograph investment releases analytic report to think, the net fills the client that basically faces group the medium and small businesses that waits for an industry for chemical industry, spin, suffer the influence that bearing of downstream trade situation drops, the profit space of this kind of enterprise narrows further, the investment that builds to of all kinds informatization at the same time also is being reduced considerably. Predict in the near future, the company is in extend new market energetically, while member amount rises ceaselessly, the ARPU value of the user will fall ceaselessly, make unavailable synchronism grows profit of company net profit.

It is to an Internet company say, commercial pattern decided its gain ability. The net is filled put forward concept of ” of alliance of + of “ small important passageway, preparative development is start with net of Chinese chemical industry, progressively to augment of other industry website, form the dimensions of 100 professional websites finally, pass ” of subordinate “ business treasure next, become these professional website conformity the strategy is allied. The “ of domain of business affairs of this one electron grows the be successful with whether true test of end theory ” , let be suspicious of the personage inside course of study for a time.

Internet knows a personage Fang Xingdong to ever expressed to the reporter, “ looks this in be like giant industry website team, the member that has 1/4 registers a quantity to still be less than 1000 people, there is how much home after all inside this and buy value and be willing to accept and buy, still be unknown. And the company is integrated by fair the thing that considers as high risk, the net fills itself to have how old integrated ability, go digesting so much new company, also make a person anxious. ”

The foreground that save oneself expects hard

In recent years, the dress such as PPG, VANCL and BONO kind rise abruptly quickly of B2C website, let a person produce infinite daydream to the growing space of B2C business. In these B2C websites guide below, domestic dress net buys market rumor water to rise. On August 21, VANCL obtained amount to amount to the venture capital investment of 30 million dollar; PPG also is as high as the venture capital investment of 100 million dollar at obtaining brushstroke in September. But the harsh reality that is placed before people is, so far, still do not have a dress kind B2C website announces gain. The ” of “ dress net that the net fills will be faced with gain predicament likewise.

Ai Rui sought advice from senior analyst Wang Fang to analyse the profit origin of B2C website and gain process, discovering the main factor that restricts gain of existing B2C website is, because the product is average profit margin is not high and user and sale dimensions make the website is very difficult breakthrough gain bit more critical not quite.
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