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Profit pattern waits for the Cheng Yi that dig a net to take net foreground to e
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Profit pattern waits for the Cheng Yi that dig a net to take net foreground to expect hard

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: On October 17, be known as “ home Internet the net of the first ” fills fine of heart of director son's eldest son to confirm to the reporter, the net is filled intervene formally already B2C domain, relevant B2C net buys ” of net of platform “ dress to go up formally already line. Occupy the personage inside Internet course of study to analyse, because,the net is filled is B2B business get into trouble, just choose to march B2C. But the gain obstacle that at present B2C is faced with entire industry, b2C of net Cheng Jinjun will be faced with a lot of difficult problem.

The net is filled march to save oneself B2C

On October 17, the net fills the B2C net that announces the banner falls external to buy ” of net of platform “ dress to go up formally already line. Of ” of “ dress net go up line, the mark is worn the net fills 12 years to came to first degrees break through the B2B domain that stand fast. Before, the competitor —— that the net fills Alibaba already antenna outspread pay to C2C, B2C, electron, the domain such as network advertisement.

Because B2C involves the link such as content shedding, inventory, with B2B, C2C photograph comparing has uniqueness, not be one can let throw the domain that produces effect of get effect instantly. Also accordingly, alibaba just enters B2C tardy, and Guo Fan gives birth to president of Hui Cong network to make fun of up to now say “ does not have courage to do B2C” .

Sun Deliang expresses, the net that all along discretion invests fills the reason that decides sortie B2C to depend on, domestic dress net buys market environment to mature increasingly, the giant net of nearly 100 million is bought crowd and those who perfect is online pay, content shedding deserves to send wait for the system that prop up to already got developing quickly. It is reported, prospective net is filled won't go doing big and whole platform, but can go from the fractionize that suits a net to buy proceed with of course of study, do in perpendicular domain do greatly fully.

Doubt because B2B business get into trouble

The net fills the metaphase money newspaper that the middle ten days of a month announced in August to show, its are clean first half of the year the yield of asset is only 5.41% , the cash flow-rate ratio that every management activity produces first half of the year the corresponding period dropped last year 48% . 2008 first half of the year, the company realizes business gross income forty-nine million six hundred and sixty-two thousand four hundred yuan, increase compared to the same period 35.12% ; Profit total is twenty-five million nine hundred and thirty-five thousand five hundred yuan, increase compared to the same period 14.62% ; Net profit nineteen million one hundred and ninety-four thousand one hundred yuan,
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