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Interesting road: Vomit of rotten midge of eunuch of show off of of discharge o
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2, market promotion

Every website has his specific user group, what is the fixed position of the website, the website that how lets more netizens find you and inside quarter at, this is the basiccest problem that a website lives and develops. Need increases the market to popularize be affirmation, great extend channel, let more people see, the understanding, website that use and loves you, such ability accumulate a many faithful user, your website also ability is valuable. Interesting road and in those days first selection and portal undertake channel cooperates like happy road, this is a kind the can fastest attract maximum the means of high grade user, need to pay high cost at the same time of course, this also may is the reason that happy road abandons continueing to close with sina. And interesting road is antipodal it is savor apparently the benefit that the portal cooperates, a Sohu, insufficient plus Netease, do not know to who add even next.

With the collaboration of Sohu, promoted an interest the discharge of road not only, more bring many high quality user, value of interesting road website also gets rapid promotion, a good beginning, tremendous to influence of development of the following website. Interesting this year road and Netease reach consensus quickly and the autograph is made an appointment with, so far interesting road travels family status of two king card in channel income bursa.

Also be by no means easy thing to the integrated job of resource of two big doors however, interesting by way of crosses much portal one year to cooperate, was to had understood thoroughly among them way to do sth apparently, the value that knows how to make its arise is the greatest change. And interesting road already was in stealthily him plan independent brand is made, this need not say more, from Netease travel frequency can see just a little on the road. Be in next time, how many can interesting road still have to be moved in a large-scale, will march again why domain, our unknown, however from firstly year much growing development course is not ugly piece, interesting route goes every time action surely not common. We expect next bigger movements of interesting road.

Of the rank surmount, be opposite probably for interesting road, it is one begins merely. Its make China determination of portal of the first travel and impetus reveal the world already. The success of interesting road, will make broad netizen, broad tourist more be benefited, what its say no less than: The “ that should realize travel to serve consumer of website of business, interesting road, travel 3 win ” .

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