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Interesting road: Vomit of rotten midge of eunuch of show off of of discharge o
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Interesting road: Vomit of rotten midge of eunuch of show off of  of discharge of saute of  Υ flood dragon

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Troubled 3 quarters, tourism group also produced some of big thing, happy road and sina break up the road that is on brand independence, interesting road autograph makes an appointment with Netease to have Sohu Netease solely at the same time resource of two big doors, how should the route of travel portal go, who can become Chinese travel website again get the person that run, how to innovate, how to maintain advantage and competition ability continuously, a lot of problem is a lot of challenge, awaiting website operator people go thinking, go choosing.

From website of near future Alexa the rank can see, interesting road of promising young person is ranked all the way violent wind rises, exceed happy road of old brand portal even, in so short time, obtaining such good achievement to say to go up is delectable but congratulate, can saying is to leave its “ China the target of ” of portal of the first travel close one pace, and at the same time happy road discharges under one's name because of losing the enormous flow of sina to slip however.

Interesting road from found beginning up to now, experienced a year of much harden oneself, already paraded in brigade the bake in a pan with deep course of study issued his brand impress, the travel agent that looks for a dimensions having a dot casually now does not have what do not know interesting road. This also the venture capital investment of 10 million dollar that its obtain profit from, powerful capital does safeguard, no matter be product research and development or market,popularize unchallenged. Can see at present interesting road is in face specializations high grade the travel before the way that change develops. From the change of the rank, we go analysing a reason:

One, product research and development

Interesting road can show itself in travel portal, attract the be stationed of broad netizen, it is the popular feeling of content press close to such as the information that goes up because of interesting road, product, service greatly. What website construction abides by is “ practical ability is good sense ” , what offer to the netizen is newest the most complete place of seasonable and comprehensive contented netizen needs the most practical content. Page design style is concise and straightforward, interactive sex is gone after on functional design, let more people participate in come in, forum is designed also with 2 for jumping-off place, include travel notes, photography, strategy, equipment, comment on, recommend etc, its target may be SNS of a travel. Powerful platform function, make service business and tourist direct face-to-face, and have a variety of commendation, a variety of combination, still can individuation is custom-built. It is one-stop that anyhow can say served, its target is to make all tourists true be economical, save labour save worry.
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