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The development bottleneck of video website
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Accurate without essence of life competition strategy and effective commercial profit pattern, profit pattern is onefold, still give priority to with fee of service of network advertisement, user cannot continue to step down below Chinese environment. The reporter interviewed the Internet inside course of study to comment on expert Zhou Xinning, zhou Xinning thinks current environment of domestic video website, relying on advertisement gain is not the outlet of video website absolutely, want to break existing pattern, share a website to must walk along transition road, otherwise the website after the website burns money to end is faced with directly shut.

Cite with respect to actor cruel the day video that moxa luck data announces broadcasts a quantity to exceed 160 million computative, although actor or actress him cruel decorates CDN, lunar cost also is controlled in 24 million RMB, year bandwidth is used up exceed 290 million yuan. Although this data is not very rely on chart, if press year 2 100 million computation, this number is terrible also, from actor cruel current Gao Liu is measured tall in light of the condition photograph union that use up, the 40 million dollar that blended in 2008 can burn how long to make a person after all can care! At present the operation cost expenses of network video basically has 3 parts: Bandwidth, server, market is popularized, among them with bandwidth most very. The 3 ~ that the cost that place of domestic operation website needs is the United States 4 times, if the United States is the biggest,should achieve video network YouTube present discharge, the charge that a website should pay every year to telegraphic operation business is 240 million yuan are controlled, this lesser still to dimensions video is day price undoubtedly for the enterprise, profit is intentional and weak. Use up bandwidth so high, allegedly actor cruel can push P2P plug-in unit, the purpose is economic fund, because of P2P cost under share 20 times, can prop up come down hibernate. But P2P goes to the lavatory in the oldest rate netizen while, also became the breeding ground of pilfer edition breed, namely above says copyright issue.

From 2008 brutal economic situation can see, when numerous wind casts company systole to invest dimensions, video website obtains the opportunity of venture capital investment to had been reduced greatly, at least difficulty should be made than increasing before multiple. Gu Yongqiang calm bear, the financing of video network becomes difficult. The development of video network, itself is a process that burns money, do not have VC prop up, estimation does not have which poineering company to dare touch this sweet potato of very hot hand.

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