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The development bottleneck of video website
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Video shares a website to want to walk out of the error of UGC mode, transition is a choice, this also is why to include actor cruel of late inside all reason places that share community to begin transition. How to turn, no more than is to go high-definition to sow two roads with shadow viewpoint, and this is both and apropos it is faddish before waiting for platform of order programme of movie and TV to be in early a few years, be done and had established those who removed a doorsill.

Because have exclusive P2P technology, but managing the bandwidth cost of 90% , retain at the same time high-definition picture, faddish although be immersed oneself in all the time,work in recent years, obtained a large number of faithful users however nevertheless. At present its user has 5000 much, daily broadcast a file 20 million, when broadcasting, grow to achieve 20 million hours, when be being broadcasted with the day of actor cruel, grow keep balance. Nevertheless, faddish achieve such discharge, it is to be in however cost actor cruel merely very come true on the foundation of cost of the bandwidth of one of left and right sideses, server, the action that sees P2P go up in managing operation cost.

Say actor cruel again later. After trying YOUTUBE mode a few years, actor cruel people heavy head comes again, replace the old with the new, this give no cause for more criticism, but regrettablly is, this actor cruel people collective transition, belong to follow suit, is not innovation. And, heavy now viewpoint walking along a shadow sows this road, as a result of its the UGC package of oneself is cast off hard, the success still was unknown.

Additional on one hand, someone says video website is finished have two kinds of circumstances: The first kind, money is spent, capital catenary was broken, the website also was over; the 2nd kind, also always cannot realize profit pattern, although do not die, can be finished sooner or later. This netizen says this very fine at 2 o'clock, actually these two kinds are finished, baconian rose to explain a bit: If video website does not have good profit pattern, again much cash investment goes in, also be fleshy steamed stuffed bun hits a dog not to turn round, spring also has dried up when. In website of before the United States 10 video, YOUTUBE is the biggest, but of only loss, chinese video website likes the thing of duplicate foreign country, the national capital in thinking a new pattern is duplicated can produce very great benefit and gain, these actually by YOUTUBE misdirect. At present firm of domestic network video has 2% to be able to accomplish profit and loss keep balance only, the others 98% be in deficit. Need not pass a few years, major hard gain, rely on the network video firm that burns money to live to will be faced with the transition, danger that recombine or closes down only. This is domestic network video come back from go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures of ” of “ Western Paradise, undertake duplicating for example with “YouTube” , the result of inbreeding.
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