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The development bottleneck of video website
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The development bottleneck of video website

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Recently, video website explodes again a content superintendency problem, in last I am happy the occurrence of net content respect the problem stops a station after a month, website of back-to-back actor cruel video explodes again a news of a lawsuit, jiangsu legal system signed up for the 4th edition to publish a problem to be on October 9 " on be insulted video after actor cruel net " report. The report causes the height of the personage inside course of study and broad netizen one piece to pay close attention to, the masses oppugns video website content to examine in succession, superintend strength with administration.
Elaborate in news, the video that somebody is beaten up Li Li with “ Nanjing small too the nominally of younger sister ” is passed to website of actor cruel net, this paragraphs of video is broadcasted to be amounted to more than times 11000, collect more than times 30, cause the comment of numerous netizen. Video is transmitted by the network, double blow makes Li Li complete break down almost. Accuser Li Li with enroach on its reputation counterpoises for, IT of syncretic of operator of actor cruel network (Beijing) limited company accuses court of district of glow of Nanjing city dwell, court of district of glow of Nanjing city dwell thinks after classics cognizance, IT of the accused syncretic (Beijing) the possessory, operator that limited company regards “ of management sex website as ” of actor cruel net, although its itself does not upload content directly, but its serve as offer the service platform that uploads space and technology to the user, ought to fulfill pair of users to upload the checkup of information, superintendency obligation according to the regulation of law, code. Final, IT of syncretic of operator of network of cruel of actor of the accused of forensic court decision (Beijing) spirit of accuser of limited company compensation damages solatium 10 thousand yuan, assume the litigant expenses of this case.

Pass this case, can see in recent years, as the development of domestic video website, the video content that video website offers, circulate extensively because of having with transmission action, the compasses plasticity of its content and lawful sex get gradually social attention. This also is the social safety hidden danger that video shares a website to bring among them an element, also include copyright inside, although took license plate,also not be everything is just fine surely, scruple without place. Video content decided whether the website has the risk sex that develops the possibility that go down and existence harm society continuously. Its risk subsequently and the future that will affecting investor to whether continue to value this industry and the problem that will not whether can stabilize gain. The copyright of content of a hunderd schools of actor cruel net adds up to a plan, let video shared a plan to get be improved further and be executived it seems that, the person that create formerly uploads his video and someone else to share is fair and reasonable admittedly, upload a paragraph of video that does not belong to oneself when the user however, when sending others the link, the video content change as property, is deciding share or travel? If video content belongs to the privacy of others, so endangered others, this places content of clear video website to be able to accuse a gender to be not constant error, because of the staff member, cannot differentiate content belong to advocate authenticity. So content is superintended turned video website into knife of a benefit, on constant frame neck, do not take care the throat with respect to meeting him lacerate---Share dead end. Interpose the seriousness at this respect, development of video website future goes to high-definition train of thought on one hand transition, as hardware equipment, popularity rate taller and taller, the small video with the bad effect of picture qualitative news that the user won't satisfy at video to share a website to offer, they ask the meeting is taller. On the other hand Chao Ying inspects dibble seeding transition, the examine and verify that video shares a website is a very great difficulty, the government sends 100 people 1000 people also not likely examine and verify is clear, all video share a website to be put in the problem of pilfer edition, this also is above allude a malpractice of case.
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