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Website of MFG electron business affairs is carried buy a China that surround hu
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Ouluopa is the industry of an electron commerce that establishs by Danish Han Bide, began to develop the member that hand in cost October from last year, already had nearly 600 members paying cost at present, nearly 70 thousand free members.

“ is current our buy the home to basically be in boreal Europe, but the ‘ that building us in Europe buys domestic center ’ , the meeting inside 3 years enclothes whole European Union, it is whole Europe ” next, zhuang Yan of Han Bide of CEO of Europe collect handkerchief, the 5-10 before be being chosen only inside the country is gotten in a few supplier.

“ Europe is in China purchase the website of electronic business affairs that passes China rarely, they prefer to find the supplier ” with the price, very good quality, han Bide says, so them these services that buy the home are good, nature also can drive more Chinese suppliers and European deal, especially now European economy also not quite below the circumstance of boom, they more apt searchs sexual price to compare taller Chinese supplier.

Had a large number of resource that buy the home just about, industries of these abroad electron commerce happen to coincide the ground chose “ dilate ” below the circumstance in depression of industry of domestic electron commerce, and these real natural resources that buy the home let them get again the welcome of business of domestic and international trade.

Entered Chinese MFG 2006, a few years when enter trough in “ network hot ” go against situation grow, realized the development of fission type, the company that at present its are located in Shanghai already became the whole world one of 3 old headquarters. This year the beginning of the year it was to obtain Fu Daguo border more infuse of venture capital investment of 26 million dollar.

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