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Website of MFG electron business affairs is carried buy a China that surround hu
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Looking in MFG when Chinese medium and small businesses is difficult is rare opportunity: It can be offerred more actual purchase demand! Then, begin from second half of the year, a series of themes answer grim challenge for “ , implementation goes against power development ——MFG to aid force China manufacturer to extend Euramerican market 2008 forum ” is rolled out inside countrywide limits, forum is enclothed in order to grow trigonometry, bead about 20 cities of area of Bohai Sea of trigonometry, annulus.

Compare with the free congress photograph that attends organization of website of domestic electron business affairs, it is not easy to want to attend these MFG activities with cheap, every time activity, MFG should undertake to the enterprise beforehand examine and verify, only 100 enterprises can attend these forum, in the meantime, they still must hand in 1500 yuan ginseng membership due to use, if want to mix,buy family belongs face directly to communicate, return so that hand in brushstroke charge again.

“ my hope can obtain the commercial opportunity of more reality through the congress of MFG, obtain DELL especially purchase big odd ” , a proprietor of an enterprise that hurries to Shanghai to attend forum from Sichuan says, after joining MFG, he obtained 8 bill inside 3 months.

“ this 120 thousand purchasing business is the largest dominant position that we attract a supplier. Jin Xiaobing of general manager of division of vice-president of ”MFG whole world, China says, these forum can help what Chinese enterprise reachs reality trade not only opportunity, return what can make their understanding Euramerican buy the home to purchase a habit, industry change trend reachs the knowledge that waits for a respect to the evaluation of Chinese supplier.

Surround hunt China

Be in what the whole nation spreads out to push an activity large-scaly is MFG only not just, still have Ouluopa, special beautiful is easy wait for website of electronic business affairs, they put forward the competitive strategy that differs with industry of Chinese electron commerce.

The “ that is MFG without giving thought to is converse purchase ” , the “ that still is Ouluopa serves concept of the ” that buy the home, its want justice have only, the reality that there is huge amount in their hand is abroad buy the home.

This is website of domestic electron business affairs is short board, although these companies come for years,overseas works hard, but it is to adopt mostly attend exhibit meeting, organize the means such as directional conduct propaganda, it is not easy to think overseas obtains the many natural resources that buy the home.

Nose of these industry of abroad electron commerce ” of “ business chance, xia Liming of manager of market of Europe collect handkerchief says, “ these 2 years most the company of abroad electron commerce that at least has more than 10 comes China or establish in China electronic commerce industry. ”
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