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Website of MFG electron business affairs is carried buy a China that surround hu
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Website of MFG electron business affairs is carried buy a China that surround hunt

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: In foreign trade of domestic medium and small businesses exit suffers huge blow, be faced with live below the circumstance of the crisis, MFG, a headquarters is located in the website of electronic business affairs of American Atlanta, the choice is quickening the promotion that is in China and outspread movement right now.

On October 22, they will start the activity that Chinese forum Tianjin stands, popularize its MFG platform to Chinese supplier.

Tianjin station is the one part of MFG great ambition only, from this year second half of the year begins, MFG already started the forum of and other places of hill of Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ning Bo, Dongguan, elder brother early or late, still will be in very quickly Qingdao, Xiamen, Dalian begins the ground to push an activity.

“MFG can offer the true ask that buy the home for us really dish ” , dongguan abundant amounts to controller of hardware products limited company Mr Wu attended MFG to be in on September 4 the forum of Dongguan, at present this company already got acquainted with many 50 new abroad client through MFG, took order of 30 much dollars.

Go against situation dilate

MFG is what by American Feimoji established one 2000 is dedicated at industry nonstandard, standard component and textile the business affairs website of 3 big fields, among them before two kinds occupy 70% above, 90% above come from beautiful Europe client (basically center in North America) , what open to Chinese area supplier at present is daily purchase ask dish total value is in basically 2-3 between 100 million dollars.

Compare with photograph of platform of commerce of numerous country network, MFG is having the exterior of polarity and function, dedicated at particular industry, pass specializationed industry and craft classification, release on its platform everyday of 300 million dollar purchase demand, and the help buys a client eligible supplier is sought inside global limits.

We belong to “ website of B2B electron business affairs, but differ with other website mode again. Luo Min of chief inspector of operation of ”MFG Asia-Pacific district says, they are a kind converse purchase mode.

From begin in the light of North America market only, MFG eye shot develop to the whole world, built center of its 3 headquarters class in the United States, Europe, China respectively, in the meantime, with website of domestic electron business affairs Alibaba integrated B2B portal that covers a few industries differs, what MFG faces is more professional manufacturing industry.

“ is mere from obtain order amount to look, than last year the corresponding period grew about 3 first half of the year this year times, from purchase in the whole world scale is obtained to look in order, also already from last year 7% the left and right sides rises to this year the 10%” first half of the year, jin Xiaobing says, at present Chinese supplier already achieved many 10000, at present course of study already became the Asia-Pacific area that headquarters is located in China the area with MFG business most rapid development.
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