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The finance in economic transition process is open
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The finance in economic transition process is open

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click:    InternationalFinanceWhen the system produces severe concussion, toChinaEconomy, immediate impact is finite, won't form great menace to Chinese economy. And indirect impact is us should face at present, want to consider. It is inevitable that American economic depression looks now. IfThe United StatesTake the lead in entering decline, after Japan, Europe can tighten therewith, our economic depression evidence just begins to show. This is meant long-term since foreign trade pulls this leg that moves economic growth, already frail now faint. Bead three-cornered is manyMedium and small businessesProduced difficulty, be the phenomenon with external abate demand. Order decreases, labor cost rises, RMB exchange rate appreciates, the medium and small businesses that the most crucial is us is so old come in low end, simple manufacturing industry begins business, answerRiskCapacity is very small, gain is very small. YesEnvironmentMake seasonable change, the management that adjusts oneself is politic, this capacity is very small. The difficulty with current medium and small businesses, apparently macroscopical situation is caused, actual the problem that is microcosmic administrative levels, the enterprise lacks the ability that fights a risk.

While external demand is abate, of homeInvestmentGrowth rate is falling. So we 3 drive carriage, drive flameout, drive decelerate, returning remnant to be driven is domestic consumption. And 35% what dweller consumption occupies GDP only. Want to consume in short-term inside reduce external demand and the economy that invest feeble place to cause to pull dynamic loss, possibility is not large. Second half of the year is mixed this year next year, economic situation will be grimmer and grimmer.

Ministry concussion, internal outside answer economy produces the respect of the problem, we are existing the tigidity of the system. As a result of the system manacle, enterprise cannot make reaction in time to the change of external environment. This is us most feel anxious. With medium and small businessesFinancingFor exemple, in the center ofBankIncreased of 5%LoanThe forehead is spent, but this forehead of 5% is spent, very few meeting is put there medium and small businesses truly. Financing of medium and small businesses, it is a problem. Financing of medium and small businesses is a microcosmic problem apparently, we regard it as unluckily a macroscopical problem. The settlement of problem of financing of medium and small businesses, it is to should rely on to remove financial control. PE (personal capital stock) with VC (
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