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Do poineering work " hatch implement " enjoy Shui Hui next year
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Do poineering work " hatch implement " enjoy Shui Hui next year

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: From bureau of Shanghai land tax understanding arrives, come from January 1, 2008 on December 31, 2010, do poineering work to according with new and high technology of the condition service center (call “ hatch again implement ” ) will enable a series of taxation privilege policy.

It is reported, “ hatch implement ” for private use and free or the house property that wait for means to offer hatch enterprise to use through renting, land, will avoid ask for house property duty and town land royalities; Rent to hatch enterprise to its field, building and the income that offer hatch service, avoid ask for business tax. Be not to according with seek profits the “ hatch that organizes a condition implement the income of ” , reach its to enjoy policy of privilege of enterprise income tax about the regulation according to tax law since January 1, 2008.

“ hatch implement the condition of ”

" daily economy news " reporter from Pudong Zhang Jiang poineering service center of new and high technology learns yesterday, what the branch received land tax bureau this year in September is relevant related this center announcement, “ is current, we are being unscrambled and study ” of this one new policy. According to bureau of Shanghai land tax relevant staff member introduces, the “ hatch of royalities of land of the house property duty that enjoys this regulation, town and policy of business tax privilege implement ” , should accord with following condition: (one) hatch implement hold water and run those who accord with administration of science and technology of the State Council to be in charge of a branch to release to maintain with administrative measure, department of administration of science and technology of classics the State Council is maintained, obtain a country qualification of poineering service center of new and high technology; (2) hatch implement should will face hatch enterprise to rent field, building and the business income that offer hatch service are on finance affairs alone business accounting; (3) hatch implement inside the area should occupy the field that offers hatch enterprise to use hatch implement the 75 % above that can control a ground to accumulate independently (contain 75 % ) , hatch industry measure should occupy hatch implement inside the 90 % above that company number measures (contain 90 % ) .

The condition of ” of “ hatch enterprise

Its enterprise registers the ” of “ hatch enterprise of the refer in removing the favourable policy that execute next year capital should not exceed 2 million yuan, and its register the ground and office place must be in hatch implement inside hatch field. At the same time this enterprise still needs to accord with the following condition: Establish time not to exceed 2 years; In hatch implement inside the time of hatch does not exceed 3 years; Hatch of company take on lease implement inside hatch field the earth's surface is accumulated under 1000 square metre; The enterprise is engaged in the project of research, development, production or product should belonging to the branch such as ministry of science and technology to promulgate " catalogue item of Chinese new and high technology " limits, and " catalogue item of Chinese new and high technology " the income that business of the research of the project inside limits or product, development, production obtains should occupy an enterprise year the 50 % above of income.
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