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The file will revise code of venture capital investment further perfect
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The file will revise code of venture capital investment further perfect

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In July 2007 26 - investment of the 4th international promotes 27 days of “ that hold in Xi'an during forum ” , ma Xiugong of undersecretary of Department of Commerce delivers a “ will to VC code the file undertakes modification perfecting, the major interest that supports VC to develop ” is good, business of each large venture capital investment also enlivens in succession a spirit, the VC that preparative shortly will come is new great plan is exhibited greatly in cycle of round of development.

To VC business people for, the sound of audition sounds of nature listens in the listen on this second forum, it is Ma Xiugong of undersecretary of Department of Commerce delivers the concerned management department that go out undoubtedly to VC newest make known one's position. Ma Xiugong points out, department of Commerce will close a branch in phase to involving the code of VC the file undertakes modification, in setting all right to showing of incommensurate actual condition, should give cleared; Break to be short of in active regulation omit, should give filling allow; In setting all right to showing, perfect not quite, want to try to perfect. And, department of foreign capital of Department of Commerce already brought into this one title working agenda, recently, foreign capital department will hold series seminar, to VC the applicability of relevant document undertakes survey. What —— is worth to be carried is, ma Xiugong still expresses, in this process, department of Commerce will be strengthened with VC business people collaboration, listen to industry point of view. Henceforth, VC business people can amount to on affection of close quarters underground!

Warm duck of Chun Jiang water is prophetic. To policy face this one subtle and fluctuant, VC business and of the person that do poineering work of course antenna is the most acute, experience the deepest, reaction is the eagerest also.

Chinese larch capital (China) Zhang Fan thinks, VC is the inchoate Baile of preeminent company and partner, do poineering work in what the enterprise still is in higher risk period, when dilate period with the enterprise hand in hand, make the core competition advantage such as product, technology, talent, market, brand jointly, help enterprise fulfils the company processing of standardization, make the enterprise obtains many sided help. Compare with traditional FDI photograph, VC grows to Chinese economy apparent and more advantage: The enterprise that VC place invests, the content of science and technology that product / serves is higher; The enterprise has own intellectual property, its trade pattern accords with Chinese market rule to wait. Can say, the Chinese enterprise that VC has the help poineering spirit and innovation ability makes ” of “ China science and technology and ” of “ China famous brand, VC is driving industrial structure to be optimized further, integrated quality has removed stimulative enterprise to drive action significantly on farther promotion.
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