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Guangdong innovation enterprise can enjoy taxation privilege
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Guangdong innovation enterprise can enjoy taxation privilege

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Guangdong encourages supportive Shenzhen to become a country to innovate independently pilot city

Innovation enterprise can enjoy taxation privilege

[report of our newspaper Guangzhou] (group of Shenzhen cable trade is stationed in Guangzhou reporter Li Ming) around raise own innovation ability, prop up and lead economic society to develop this center, guangdong will hold high further “ science and education promotes old standard of ” of another name for Guangdong Province, place own innovation in the prominent place that all science and technology works. 14 days, the reporter saves people government general office to learn from Guangdong, allot recently " 915 ” of Guangdong province science and technical development “ plan " (abbreviation " program " ) in point out clearly, guangdong will be encouraged and city of supportive Guangzhou, Shenzhen becomes a country to innovate independently pilot city and complete province innovate independently base and innovation city. The safeguard measure that realizes development target includes, make full use of existing capital market, recommend the company of new and high technology with actual strength, growing strong sex is in domestic and international advocate board and do poineering work board capital market appears on the market etc. In addition, the poineering investment company of small innovation enterprise in main invest in, can enjoy the favourable measure such as yield revenue derate.

" program " put forward, to 2010, position of the ability of innovation of science and technology of Guangdong, science and technology rises significantly; Form advantage of industrial technology competition and course advantage achievement of apparent, science and technology changes ability one of centers of the home with stimulative extensive ability of society of outstanding, economy's principal science and technology; Realize the development target that science and technology saves by force basically, do the preparation of good skilled personnel, condition and ability to build innovation Guangdong. Index of main science and technology has rise significantly, rate of contribution of progress of science and technology amounts to 53 % , realize whole society research and development to throw the proportion that occupies gross domestic product to amount to 1.8 % , the member that person of activity of research and development is engaged in in personnel of obtain employment of every 10 thousand societies amounts to 35 people, hi-tech industry increases a value to occupy the proportion of area total output value to amount to 18 % , year invention patent applies for a quantity to achieve 1 million population of 200 / .
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