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Lend the wind raise of limited partnership the sail of venture capital investmen
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Lend the wind raise of limited partnership the sail of venture capital investment

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: On June 1, 2007, new castigatory " partnership law of enterprises " be about to apply, the limited partnership with old group of fashionable world venture capital investment is made eventually subsequently settle China, developed for industry of Chinese venture capital investment make except the company, fiducial make the another new scope of operation beyond. After all what can this one new law platform bring for us?

Does ● what is meant by limited partnership to make?

We know, undertake investing an activity, especially venture capital investment needs different thing, it is to should have capital, 2 it is to should have investment government person with ability, can ” of hero of “ a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge, discern the project that has profit potential. But between actual society, the person that can be in charge of good investment is not certain and wealthy, and not regular meeting invests wealthy person. Below this kind of circumstance, use the administrative framework of limited partnership, make this two parts can be united in wedlock rise. Limited partnership basically applies to venture capital investment, serve as common copartner by the professional administration that has good investment consciousness or individual, assume infinite joint liability, be in charge of the management of the enterprise; The limited partner of the person that throw as capital enjoys partnership income, assume finite responsibility only to company debt.

● limited partnership, does glamour where?

This looks be like simple system, be born in its however 40 years short a fashionable the industry of venture capital investment of world each country, be in the say United States of the cradle ” that has “ venture capital investment, held the market share of 90% above more quickly, after all does its glamour where?

1, implementation investor and the optimal union of the person that do poineering work, agree with especially venture capital investment. On one hand, the person that have capital actual strength stems from discretion, do not wish the common partnership business that invest in needs to assume infinite responsibility, and the company is made in the operator morality risk that droit and depart of right of administration may bring about also makes his look and go no further. On the other hand, the person that have investment government ability or ability of technical research and development often lacks capital, be willing to obtain capital administrative power in order to assume infinite joint liability for cost, assuming higher risk while, after succeeding in the project, get prep above its are contributive the forehead is multiple down to is decuple the profit of high specified number of above. Limited partnership system agreed with demand of these two kinds of markets completely, ensured capital, technology and the optimal combination that manage ability, implementation benefit is the greatest change.
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