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The government is tightened up abroad appear on the market policy VC or put unde
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The government is tightened up abroad appear on the market policy VC or put under Department of Commerce administer

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Chinese stock market is frequent recently concussion, of bank interest rate on tone and stock trade the reaction that the adjustment of stamp duty lets the stock market is unusually intense. And the likelihood that is concealed in this backside still has bigger adjustment.
Of fund of China of 21 centuries capital virgin reach executive copartner Zhang Yu to express to ChinaByte, chinese government will be tightened up in the near future appear on the market policy, chinese enterprise is gone to abroad appear on the market the special difficulty that will change.

Some certificate business casts industry Wu controller to also say “ arrives to the private enterprise abroad appear on the market, superintendency branch now is to be not encouraged not just, what get stuck however is very close, it is very difficult to go out. Superintendency layer hopes these enterprises undertake IPO to outback market more. ”

And additionally also evidence shows, it is a private enterprise not only, go to state-operated enterprise abroad appear on the market, chinese government also holds the reservation, manner that does not advocate in close phase.

Not only such, card inspect can allot to partial certificate business a few days ago " outside the condition in endowment accuse appear on the market the company issues a stock publicly first in churchyard pilot method (draft) " , for red prepare a recursive A preliminary and affirmatory doorsill and standard.

Zhang Yu expresses, the backside that Chinese government attitude varies is to have depth of second reason, it is as escalate of dimensions of field of domestic A stock market, the near future show driving violent wind rises, and appeared open an account number jumps, low soare the phenomenon that waits for stock market overheat. Although the country was adopted,go up tone bank interest rate and stock trade the measure of stamp duty, but this is expedient only. Encourage domestic company to appear on the market in this locality from will for a long time look to furnish to stabilizing the stock market, improvement have advantage evenly. Additional, chinese foreign exchange reserve is very enough now, the government still established special orgnaization to undertake administrative, had this powerful backup force, of market of Chinese verify certificate adjusting also is gas of special know how things stand and feel confident of handling them.

Adjust the influence of course of study of pair of venture capital investment in the light of this, zhang Yu expresses, although be gone to this to domestic company abroad the limitation that appear on the market is adjusting control only not be forbidden, but, appear on the market in a small way financing can get for certain very big impact. And as a result of venture capital investment exit a mechanism very big one part relies on an enterprise to appear on the market, meet so the blow that causes certain level to the investment passion of business of venture capital investment. Additional, if appear on the market in home, business of venture capital investment appears on the market through the enterprise accrual dimensions can decrease somewhat, integral return rate may have the fall of certain level.
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