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How should the enterprise choose fund
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How should the enterprise choose fund

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Will tell to an enterprise, when he goes out to look for capital, it is to look for RMB fund to still look for the fund outside the condition to have a few respects, one is him it is what industry, his market is indrawn model the market or external the market. Having again is this entrepreneur itself, his ideal will come is be in home appears on the market or overseas appears on the market, be American market, England market, Hong Kong market?

These elements decided it is the money that takes a RMB or the money that take a dollar. 10 article are a very big factor makes RMB fund fire rise.

Another the element was mixed last year namely special flourishing of field of stock market of A of home of the year before last year turned over a lot of times, but it is this year the circumstance that we see produced very big change again, because field of A stock market is being adjusted all the time this year, the entrepreneur great majority that we see still compares apt to go now abroad appear on the market, although examine and approve periodic chairman a bit, still have a few entrepreneur preparation of meeting two tactics, he builds can overseas appears on the market, once prospective circumstance has turned to be able to be in again A appear on the market, so financing when the money that must consider the industry with enterprise located oneself and the target in the future to decide to who take.

As to fund between, many of the circumstance that we encounter or collaboration.

occasionally several fund are seeing a project at the same time, if 3 two fund are valued finally, the comparison that also combination is cast is much. You e.g. PPLive we follow soft silver-colored China the earliest to be cast jointly, such, cast jointly have a lot of, a few projects that additionally we cast, it also needs new round financing, you e.g. PPLive, this circle itself is very small, everybody is very familiar, what still cooperate is more.

The project that occasionally we see a new project has been cast with us is more adjacent, it is us do not cast meeting introduction to give a person of the same trade other friend, this kind of collaboration is very much still. Of course that is to say a kind of benign competition also is, still be not this market that often needs.