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How much is the mortality of venture capital investment?
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How much is the mortality of venture capital investment?

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This morning, combine the gentleman of Wilson of Fei Leide · of square joint ventures, a home of venture capital investment that having experience of 17 years of venture capital investment (in investing the most notable 32 investment project in the circle, in 20% expend gentleman of Wilson of Lei De · to participate in its) , disclosed ” of his investment “ mortality to common people. He has had 11 to trade (occupy him to always invest 40% ) the redound that got 5X, far outclass is other venture capital investment person average return rate.

Photograph comparingVenture capital investment, wilson gentleman is willing to talking about other topic easily more. But all venture capital investment person must honest their mortality. After all, measure performance to should pay close attention to venture capital investment and by investment company two respects, is not him investor. Failure is the mother of the success, can acquire more things in comparing a success from inside failure. Wilson gentleman shares the experience that he gets from inside failing very gladly with everybody. To prove a project is a very wrong decision, he may say:

A quite good idea is wrong however sometimes, need costs capital of a huge sum, and spend what the speed of money had exceeded us to predict, it cannot get used to the change on company finance affairs.

In my individual profession career, 26 enterprises realize my advised or realize my target effectively, 17 among them enterprises throw capital when me or I call in when capital complete or partial implementation commerce changes make. The opportunity that this means you to have 2/3 is OK revest your enterprise if if you find venture capital, or you can consider to sell an enterprise.

Apparent, to me, the venture capital that recalls for the most part unexpectedlies flavour fails, because commerce plans,have blemish. According to my experience, there is 2/3 in the commercial plan that we call in at least is imperfect.

Major venture capital is recalled, because did not make an apple-pie investment in us,be before the plan, venture capital is to be used measure investment to plan to succeed mark. And this successful rate is the odds that influence commerce plans to be carried out conversely.

We had heard too much masterly philosophy theory, but need is borne repeat.

What can you get from inside investment failure? The gain and loss that comments on you publicly.