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How to attract venture capital investment
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How to attract venture capital investment

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In English, vc is the abbreviation of vitamin C. And nowadays, VC became venture capital investment (VentureCapital) pronominal. Almost enterprises of any a new student obtain VC to regard as do poineering work the staff guage that becomes first.
How can just attract astute investor after all to your settle on, does final decision throw capital on your body? Concerned expert gave out to suggest.
Attract venture capital investment not to hit wrong abacus first
—— venture capital is not free dinner
Person of —— venture capital investment is not Lei Feng
—— poineering enterprise is not the blackguardly person that “ burns money ”
If a such problems put forward in Beijing kid: At the beginning of “ is doing poineering work, what is what you need most? ” so I believe almost 100 percent person can say: “ obtains the support of venture capital. Such ” answer accords with logic again already actual. Because in some sense, venture capital is person of venture capital investment casts the capital to poineering person, do poineering work namely the poineering capital that the person needs most. The “2000 that held field in ZhongGuanCun high-tech a few days ago does poineering work activity of plan report ” , be high-tech garden is in venture capital and a bridge that build between poineering personnel.
However, venture capital can not be free dinner, person of venture capital investment also is not Lei Feng or santa Claus, the cheater that poineering enterprise should not be ” of “ group fund more, “ burns the ” of “ blackguardly person of money ” . How should know venture capital and the process that its financing invests?
Always capital is to should go after redound and accrual, the venture capital that with doing poineering work capital form exists is not exceptional also of course. Venture poineering capital just depends on its high risk sex and high return rate coexisting unlike the unique part of average investment, hasten benefit avoids killing is the instinct of all capital. Get high income to avoid high risk, the everybody of venture capital entrusts his capital to the expert that is engaged in venture capital investment technically or orgnaization to run. Accordingly, go up in venture capital market besides buyer namely square poineering enterprise mixes demand the bargainor furnishs namely besides square venture capital everybody, still have an intermediary of very important venture capital investment. Intermediary of venture capital investment, comprise by the expert of each respect. For example, financial expert, new and high technologist, money meets expert, law expert, business management expert wait a moment. By a of the intermediary of venture capital investment that these experts form main task, it is pair of poineering projects, poineering enterprise, include poineering person to undertake all-around the ground chooses, evaluate, in order to assure sex of the security that venture capital invests, scientific sex, tall redound.
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