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7 measure of venture capital investment
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7 measure of venture capital investment

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The first part: Angel invests

Angel investment shows contributive assistance has the individual expertise or distinctive concept and the poineering home that lacks own reserves undertakes poineering, fume and assume the high risk in doing poineering work and the high income after enjoying poineering success. Perhaps saying is free investor or orgnaization of informal venture capital investment the one-time early days that undertakes to achieving project conception or enterprise of small-sized newly established formerly invests. And “ angel investor (Angels) ” is the company that shows invest in is very young normally the investor that starts quickly in order to help these companies.

The 2nd part: How to choose a project

The most important is the following: 1. Look to whether have a group that has executive ability. Want to inspect the leader of this group and all member, see them whats had done in the past, the cooperative history of the group has how long, the group that just established cannot get investor faith. 2. See the profit pattern of the project. Normally, good profit pattern understands easily very simply. 3. See a project whether a certain have a technology only, this technique is unique.

The 3rd part: Evaluate a price

To potential investment the project undertakes reasonable estimate is worth, it is a most important work segment. Come up from theory tell, company estimate value has a variety of methods, be like DCF, P/E, P/S, P/B commonly usedly to wait. To VC, the the most difficult, most important is not the appraise value of pair of company value, mix to the person's judge however estimate to what commercial pattern develops latent capacity, among them, the experience of the group and the resource that can allocate appear particularly important.

The 4th part: Fulfil his duty to investigate

Cooperate to fall by what intermediary orgnaization is in an enterprise, risk of the setting of the historical data to the enterprise and documentation, administrator, market, management venture, technology risk and capital risk do the examine and verify of full-scale development, in happening in business fair development to appear on the market to be bought with the enterprise all right more. The purpose that fulfils his duty to investigate is the whole situation that makes buyer discovers the share that should buy about them or asset as far as possible. For the angle from buyer, fulfil his duty to investigate namely risk management. The financing to buyer and them person for, buy and itself is put in the risk with various moves.

The 5th part: The person that the help does poineering work grows
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