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8 action teach you to identify trade risk
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8 action teach you to identify trade risk

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: In network sale, trade nowhere is not in the risk, safety trades had been a when be placed before us very serious problem. We learn how to identify now trade risk, what what need to accomplish when choosing commerce associate namely is the basiccest, also be the chiefest 8 action skill, they are:

The first action: Discern from information itself

The sincere letter that assumes you are an Alibaba connects a member, the pertinent information that has him company product is released on Alibaba's platform, one day, you receive to beg buy information, very glad, this is begged buying information is such.

Glad, you can feel to have bit of problem, good, hope everybody will analyse this information to exist after all together what problem. Interactive and doubtful place: Company introduction is too simple, beg buy an intent not apparent, what the address also writes is very ambiguous; The most unusual is, the company website that stay, be a holiday actually!

Everybody can see, format of this kind of network address, it is the unified format that sincere letter connects a member, however apparently a common member releases this information.

Ok, everybody is very sensible, without the ask that be received dish happy turn sb's head, and everybody has been in imperceptible in the first action that used us to want to say today, in the information that comes over from hair of the other side namely then, go searching whether to have doubtful place.

Of course, we only from this information, cannot maintaining this order for goods is really false, but at least we should take care to our saying to want now.

The 2nd action, company credit records inquiry.

We are OK the company name member of the other side, in inputting company credit of Alibaba to record inquiry, in looking up the credit circumstance of the other side to record inquiry in company credit of Alibaba, can inquire the record that is complained to the enterprise with a lot of undesirable credence, help us identify the sincere letter of the other side, of course we are encountered or the friend beside encounters fraudulent action to also ask everybody to arrive Alibaba is complained on the website, can help other sincere letter members avoid so suffer con.
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