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China does poineering work board: The road is boundless its are long
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China does poineering work board: The road is boundless its are long

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: 10 years ago, do poineering work in what people is Chinese capital market board come on stage establish next falling to time card when, count medium and small businesses of a hunderd schools when home when to appear on the market be all set, do poineering work board in set foot on however at the moment boundless the journey that await: Of experience of foreign market history draw lessons from, accompanying network foamy undone do poineering work with Hong Kong board low fan, the course relapses instead answer think with argumentation, administrative layer still stopped finally to do poineering work board poineering footstep. Nowadays, do poineering work board preparative job is main already be in order, roll out an opportunity already incline to is mature. This looks be like draw near, so distant however do poineering work board, pass to await endlessly in experience with after brewing, become the another focus of Chinese capital market again.

Delay 10 years to do poineering work board once more start off

Recently, the “ that holds in Shenzhen learns on poineering investment and ” of forum of development of medium and small businesses, prepare long already do poineering work board basic already be all set, hard and fast after 10 years, do poineering work board at latest shows a body first half of the year in next year. Bin of plum of chairman of association of Chinese medium and small businesses also expresses on forum, do poineering work board current preparative job already was close to end, will be by this year December finish, predict to be in 2008 3 come to be able to be rolled out April.

Last century end, committee of national plan development puts forward “ to consider to establish as early as possible to the State Council do poineering work board piece ” of stock market problem, the State Council asks Chinese card inspect can put forward to study an opinion. Subsequently, hand in place greatly to be able to be shown formally to card inspect sent " Shenzhen stock exchange grows about undertaking board the project approving that the plan of the market studies reports " , add send executive plan. 2000, shenzhen stock exchange is new and high working party establishs technical board, it is new and high technology only enterprise board undertakes each preparation and construction work. Principle of back-to-back the State Council agreed with Chinese card inspect to meet about establishing 2 board ask for instructions, and will 2 board market name is do poineering work board the market. Hand in place greatly the 2nd trade settle accounts system also follow-up is started. But equipment of all of proper all things, owe only when appearing on the market, when vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress becomes the development workshop that thinks of danger to attend 21 centuries of new economy and China in Hong Kong, express, on the experience that absorbs other market of Hong Kong and world, inland does poineering work board will short-term inside won't roll out. Then, the China that prepares for war nearly 3 years does poineering work board go aground at this point.
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