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The appraise value when poineering industry financing is discussed
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The appraise value when poineering industry financing is discussed

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: The very much person that do poineering work is clear that him company can have every year how old income, how many profit, but the person that a few do poineering work truly knows him company to a what kind of price you can be worth on capital market? Not should too much! In company operation be, this also is not the problem with alarming what actually, but when the company faces capital market, this problem can baffle entrepreneur. Every company has an oneself value, value is evaluated (appraise value, valuation) is capital market participator is in to a company the judgement of specific level value. Blame appear on the market company, especially the appraise value of newly established company is distinctive, the job that has challenge sex, its process and method are scientific sex and flexibility photograph union normally.

The company is undertaking equity financing (EquityFinancing) or annex are bought (Merger&Acquisition, when the capital such as M&A) is run, investment just wants the element such as trend of pair of company business, dimensions, development, financial standing to be interested on one hand, on the other hand, also want to approbate a company to want the appraise value of the equity of sell one's own things to its. The argument that this shops in the market with us is same, satisfaction produces quality quantity and function, can accept to the price even.

   Company estimate is worth a method

Company estimate is worth the method that has a few ration, but a few qualitative elements should consider in unit process of cargo bandling, the likelihood that traditional financial analysis offers appraise to be worth reference and value of affirmatory company estimate only limits. According to the market and company condition, be applied extensively the following kinds of appraise are worth a method:

   1. can compare company method

Should choose above all with blame appear on the market course of study of company person of the same trade can appear on the market than what may consult company, it is a basis with the share price of congener company and financial data, computation gives main and financial ratio, serve as multiplicator of market price case to conclude with these rate next the value of target company, for instance P/E(city is filled with rate, the price / profit) , P/S law (the price / sale) .

Be in at present domestic venture capital investment (VC) market, p/E law is commonner appraise cost method. What normally we say appear on the market company town is filled with rate have two kinds:

Historical city is filled with rate (TrailingP/E)- namely current market prise / the profit of a financial year (or the profit) of before 12 months.
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