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3 big fact enrol financing of medium and small businesses
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3 big fact enrol financing of medium and small businesses

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Some managers are afraid want frown.

Actually, financing not so difficult, the key wants ——

3 big fact enrol financing of medium and small businesses

One, perfect ego, build perfect financial institution and record of forms for reporting statistics.

Current, a lot of medium and small businesses of home are in establish initial stage, financial standing is only and simple and not complete record, this gives the enterprise will obtain financing to bring bigger hidden trouble further henceforth, the bank is unintelligible the true financial standing of the enterprise. This one step is quite important.

2, financing of reasonable configuration financing

When the enterprise undertakes capital plans, should pay attention to the financing channel with different development. With respect to financial orgnaization character, answer to build stable companionate relationship with its, accumulate good credit record, and unfavorable get all oneself capital channel too center or excessive and dispersive. Can build long-term information each other to connect platform with financing intermediary orgnaization even, strive for the help can be obtained when having capital requirement, and be in financing formally, should long, medium, short-term financing is reasonable configuration.

3, extend financing channel

Industry financing can be mixed according to oneself characteristic different development level, choose a variety of financing channel: Firstly, financial orgnaization. If do poineering work,initial stage is gotten through financing intermediary company do poineering work the capital that start, into extend business for a long time to develop with bank loan, autumn can introduce venture fund even or appear on the market financing. Secondly, partner infuse capital. Thirdly, swim up and down manufacturer.

The 3 big fact of small company financing are enrolled

One, sell equity to beg development

Abroad has a very popular analogy, do the person that do poineering work enterprise analogy is 3 kinds of types: It is come to the enterprise raise when “ wife ” , others cannot be touched, equity 100% be oneself; 2 it is when “ son ” is raised, others can be touched, can divide bit of equity; 3 be come to the enterprise raise when “ pig ” , appropriate when take out change money, exchange the cash that development is badly in need of namely with equity.

Actually, the jumping-off place that does an enterprise depends on getting profit. So, if you come to the enterprise raise when “ pig ” , you sell be derailed authority, recapture cash, with these Qian Youke invests more potential project. Want to know, equity is made over is the enterprise is done do a kind of strong shortcut greatly, capital also is like snowball same, roll bigger more.
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